Heads up, old and new parents! This may bring back some fond memories and help you create new ones. In the age of technology, moms and dads can record every single milestone of their child. From pregnancy to their first word and beyond, nothing is missed in the modern world.

Let’s talk about steps.
Experts say babies start to walk anywhere from nine to fifteen months. So say the average time would be on the twelfth month. Which means babies would still be experimenting with standing up and toddling about before actually walking. Pretty normal.
8-month-old baby’s first steps melts hearts
But check out this little guy!
Button down shirt tucked in to very nice pants, and he’s only eight months old. Look at him walk! And it’s not the stumbling, needing support kind of walk most toddlers have to do either. It’s the real thing!

The handsome little fellow looks down on his little feet as he takes a few steps forward. That face has a very determined look. So what if he’s got short legs? He’s defying science right there!

Focus, little man!
He even pauses for awhile as he looks at the camera before taking off once again. Not a single stumble or fall for this strong boy!

He has very well developed muscles for his age. Those legs have a bright future for him. This young guy has that focused look mostly seen on an athlete’s face and with strong muscles like that, he may very well be the next champ.

He won’t stop.
Once babies figure out how to walk, they will want to do it all the time. Never mind that they don’t exactly know how or when to stop. It usually ends with them crashing into something or just falling down. Sure they’ll cry but give them a few moments and off they go again!

What are the signs?
Babies show some signs that they’re about to discover walking. When you see them trying to pull themselves up using furniture or the wall, you can bet they’ve discovered those leg muscles. Confidence while trying to move around is another sign of a baby about to become a daring adventurer.

Once you see them bending their little legs and trying to move around with them, you’d better start toddler proofing your entire house. These babies know no bounds and that innocent curiosity will often get them in to all sorts of situations.

This little guy’s got footwork!
What’s impressive with him is that at only eight months, he can walk without needing support from anyone or anything. Not once does he stumble or fall, instead he makes his way towards the camera where he allows everyone a close up look at his dashing features.

Build them up!
Encourage them without being too pushy. If they stumble or fall, help them up and give them a bit of a push to start again. Shower them with praises and even applaud their efforts. Kids love that!

This little boy could pass for a model. He’s got the look and those tiny steps could very well serve as an advertisement for a line of baby clothes. No CGI or camera tricks here. No stunt double required. This little guy is the real thing. Walk, little buddy!

Check out his tiny steps in the video below!
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