Infertility is never an easy journey for a couple to go through. At times, it shatters bonds and destroys relationships.

Stacey and Adam “battled the infertility war.”

Since the beginning of their relationship, they always knew that they wanted to have at least two kids. When they had Owynn, they thought one more kid would make their family complete.

Unfortunately, the process didn’t go easy for them.

Stacy had five miscarriages. The couple even went through IVF twice but didn’t get positive results. That’s when they decided to let go and leave everything in God’s hands.

At first, they thought doing foster care would help.

Owynn really wanted a sibling. He even added it to his Christmas wish list, hoping Santa would read it and grant his heart’s desire. Because of how much the kid wanted a sibling, Stacy and Adam had a lot of deep conversations with him. They wanted to let their precious son know that God has plans and sometimes, they may not be exactly what they want.

After getting introduced to foster care, the couple realized that it wasn’t for them.
By doing it, they’d need to place kids back to their families and that would break their hearts. It would be extra hard for Owynn.

Then, a miracle happened.
In the couple’s narration on the Love What Matters site, they shared:

“In June by the grace of God we were introduced to an amazing young woman, Kendra, who wanted to place her baby for adoption. We knew it was a one in a million chance she would pick us, but our prayers were answered.”

The couple was there when the baby was born. They waited patiently until Kendra told them that it was alright to leave with the newborn child. They didn’t rush the process; they took it one step at a time and it helped a lot.

The couple waited for the perfect time to tell Owynn about the baby.

Stacey and Adam wrapped the new baby girl in warm blankets. They carefully placed her under the Christmas tree.

When Owynn walked over to the tree, he was surprised.
There laying on a soft blanket was a newborn. His mom then directed him to read her shirt, which said “Little Sister.”

He stood there in silence, overwhelmed with emotions. However, when his mother asked him if he wanted to hold his new sister, he answered yes right away.

The mother was very careful in telling the whole story to her firstborn.

She knew that seeing his baby sister overwhelmed him so she explained the situation patiently and carefully. Although Owynn was hearing tons of information, he was able to understand everything.

The baby’s mother, Kendra, was also there to witness the surprise.
Stacey introduced the two and the young boy hugged her, thanking her for making him a big brother.

The story proves that kids aren’t always after toys and treats during Christmas; some of them wish for a complete family and fortunately, it was a dream come true for Owynn.