2017 was the most challenging year for Carrie Underwood and her husband of 12 years, Mike Fisher, as they lost babies every time she got pregnant.
Underwood’s husband felt they’d have a son named Jacob despite miscarriages.
In desperation, Underwood turned to God, and the following day doctors said she’ll be a mother again with a healthy baby.

On January 22, 2023, Carrie Underwood, her husband of 12 years in 2022, Mike Fisher, and their oldest son, Isaiah, celebrated the youngest family member’s birthday. The singer uploaded an Instagram picture of Jacob “Jake” as a newborn.

The other images were of Jacob’s Spiderman birthday cake with the number four on it. Underwood’s post caption explained how it felt like her son was born yesterday and was now turning four.

The star wished her “sweet” son a happy birthday and described him as her “sunshine.” Mike’s wife also added, “God truly blessed us when he gave us the miracle of you!!!”

The singer concluded her post by thanking the Ivey Cake Store for the cake and said the company was the best. In his Instagram Stories, Mike shared an image of little Jacob dressed in a “Black Panther” costume and wished him a happy birthday.

The former hockey player wished the little boy a happy birthday and noted how he brought “laughter and joy” into the lives of his family. Seeing the happy family of four after everything Underwood and her husband went through before they had Jacob was a pleasure.

In 2017, Underwood and her husband had one of their most challenging years while trying to conceive their second child. The musician said she’d planned on working on new music that year and having a baby, but the year turned out differently and not how she’d imagined.

Mike’s wife recalled getting pregnant early that year, but things didn’t work out, as they had their first miscarriage. Underwood spoke to God, noting how the divine timing wasn’t right, and figured they find a way through it.

In the spring, she was pregnant again but had another miscarriage. In early 2018, the star was pregnant for the third time but had her third miscarriage, and at that point, she was pretty frustrated.

The songstress was writing music as she experienced her losses, and right after finding out she was going to have a miscarriage, she had a writing session. Her album, “Cry Pretty,” had a title song where she spoke about her grief, noting how falling apart was human.

The musician noted how one couldn’t hide or fight the truth. Underwood explained how she’d always been afraid of getting angry because they were so blessed and had Isaiah, the “sweetest” and “best” thing.

Mike’s wife tried to convince herself that it was okay if they couldn’t have other children because their son was amazing. She also cherished their life and didn’t feel she had much to complain about.

Underwood didn’t believe she had anything to be angry about because her husband, friends, job, and child were all incredible, but she eventually got mad. However, Mike felt they would have a son named Jacob, and one night things changed.

The songstress ended up having conversations with God about her frustrations. One day, her husband came to her and told her they would have another baby boy named Jacob.

Mike explained how he’d come to that conclusion after having two miscarriages and contemplating adoption. While wrestling with his thoughts, the former athlete “sensed” God telling him they would have a son named Jacob.

However, they had their third miscarriage, and Underwood was so frustrated that she confronted her husband, demanding to know where their second son was. Mike doubted what he’d heard from God, but they got pregnant for the fourth time.

One night, the singer told her husband she thought she’d lost that baby too, but he suggested they visit a doctor to confirm. Underwood wanted to be alone when it was confirmed that things didn’t look good.

She went to Isaiah’s room, crawled into bed with the child, and cried. Mike’s wife finally spoke candidly to God, as she was hurt, angry, and felt guilty for being upset with “the creator.”

The former athlete [Mike Fisher] said God was good even through difficult times that were hard to understand.

Underwood told God that she needed something and either to have a baby or not because she couldn’t continue going down the pregnancy and miscarriage road anymore. She recalled saying:

“And I was like, ‘You heard me.’ Not that He hasn’t in the past. But maybe, I don’t know, He heard me.”

She asked to see her doctor so they could conclude the pregnancy and move on; however, a nurse told her things were looking great with her fourth pregnancy! The ultrasound they had later proved all was well, and the parents were excited to see Jacob for the first time!

The Emotional Welcoming of Baby Jacob
On January 21, 2019, Underwood shared the great news that baby Jacob had been welcomed the day before. In an Instagram post, she uploaded a picture of Mike holding their newborn, one of her posing with the child, and one where Isaiah met his younger brother for the first time.

The songstress revealed their baby’s name was Jacob Bryan and that the family couldn’t be happier with God trusting them to take care of the “little miracle.” She said their hearts were full, but their eyes were tired, adding:

“Our lives are forever changed. Life is good…”

A few days later, Mike uploaded an Instagram image of him snuggling his new son and described the child as their “gift” from their God. He acknowledged hot the previous years had challenges that made the birth of Jacob sweeter.

Underwood’s husband confessed they didn’t know if Isaiah would have a sibling, but “We learned through it all that God is in control and his timing is perfect!” The former athlete said God was good even through difficult times that were hard to understand.