Many would argue that becoming a parent is the greatest gift in life. The moment one’s baby arrives is a magical thing – even just being informed that a baby is on the way is extraordinary.

The same apparently rang true for Harry and Meghan after they learned that Meghan was pregnant with Archie.


The little boy arrived in 2019, and the pair had informed close family of the news the year before. As per reports, though, their timing could have been a whole lot better…

In his book Spare, Harry revealed that the couple decided to tell their close family the news that Meghan was pregnant on a very special day of celebration: his cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has been relatively quiet since the release of his book Spare in early January. The Duke’s tell-all memoir focused on his life within the Royal Family, and Harry hardly left a stone unturned with regards criticisms of his family.

One thing beyond certainty is that Spare has undoubtedly been a massive success story for both he and his publisher – one that has earned them millions.

Harry criticized his family in ‘Spare’

Amongst the juiciest things Harry revealed was his claim that he wasn’t welcomed to William and Kate’s home after the birth of his nephew, Prince George, his labeling of Camilla as “dangerous,” and his detailing of a physical altercation with his older brother. He also talked candidly about his stint in Afghanistan and, at times, spoke on behalf of his wife, Meghan.

Moreover, Harry also revealed his fears for William and Kate’s two youngest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’, future, saying that they might end up just like him.

Though Harry criticized several of his closest family members, one of his best “mates” wasn’t on the receiving end of any negative publicity. Ever since he was a young boy, Harry has had a great relationship with his cousin, Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

While Harry didn’t have anything bad to say about her, he did mention one incident that left many a royal fan irritated. Said incident took place during Eugenie’s 2018 wedding, and concerned Harry’s son, Archie.

Harry meghan, archie

But first, let’s take a closer look into Princess Eugenie and Harry’s relationship.

Prince Harry & Princess Eugenie – long-lasting friendship

Harry was born in 1984. Six years later, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson welcomed their daughter, Princess Eugenie. She was born on March 23, 1990, the second daughter and youngest child of Andrew and Sarah and, of course, a granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth. At the time of her birth, Eugenie was sixth in the official line of succession.

Like her older sister, Princess Beatrice, Eugenie received the title of Princess of the United Kingdom, and could style herself “Her Royal Highness.”

While Eugenie wasn’t one of the most prominent royals, she and her sister Beatrice were criticized over the years. People questioned why Andrew and Sarah gave them “Her Royal Majesty” titles, especially since the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, gave his children the titles of Earl and Lady.

When they were children, the two cousins spent a lot of time together as their families went on holiday. Harry and his brother, William, grew up at Kensington Palace in London and Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, while Princess Eugenie lived near Windsor Castle. In 1996, her parents divorced.

Five years apart as children might be a significant age gap, but to Harry and Eugenie, that didn’t matter. Instead, they became very close friends, primarily thanks to the friendship between their mothers, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

Prince Harry, Prince Eugenie

In 1995, they enjoyed a skiing trip together. According to authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, the two were “closest of friends.”

Over time their bond was only strengthened, despite the two growing up and moving on towards new adventures in different places.

“Eugenie is loyal, honest and great fun”

“Out of all the Queen’s grandchildren, Harry and Eugenie have one of the most natural connections,” they wrote in the Sussex biography Finding Freedom.

“Like Harry, Eugenie is loyal, honest and great fun. The two had many nights out together in London, sneaking into back entrances of clubs, such as Mahiki, where Jack once was manager, or Tonteria, where in one of the VIP cave areas, they downed shots from Mexican skull-shaped glasses and a giant frozen margarita (with multiple straws).”

While the two had differing plans for the future, Harry and Eugenie often connected over their shared difficulty about being members of the Royal Family.

But there was one big difference: Harry became a ‘working royal’ – while Eugenie found another career path.

In 2009, she attended Newcastle University, graduating with a degree in English Literature and History of Art. Four years later, Eugenie moved to New York, where she worked for the auction house Paddle8. In 2015, she left the United States and returned to Britain, where she began working at the art gallery Hauser & Wirth.

Princess Eugenie

“Princess Eugenie has joined Hauser & Wirth as an associate director, and we are delighted to have her as part of the team,” a spokesperson for the gallery said at the time.

Eugenie was the first to know about Harry & Meghan’s relationship

Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie continued to be great friends, supporting each other privately. The Duke trusted his cousin, and Eugenie was reportedly one of the first to know about Harry’s relationship with Meghan. Interestingly, the Princess already knew Meghan through a mutual friend.

“Not only did he trust her implicitly, but friends said that she gives great advice and has always been ‘beyond wise’ for her years,” Scobie and Durant wrote in Finding Freedom.

Harry and Meghan began dating in 2016. The couple were first seen together while partying at the Soho House in Toronto later the same year. Eugenie reportedly already knew about their relationship, but kept it a secret from the world.

In October 2016, Harry’s communications secretary Jason Knauf called the Prince with word that the press had gotten information about the Sussexes’ relationship.

Harry and Meghan understood that their private life would soon become very public. They, Eugenie. and her then-boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, went on a double date together, partying and having a great time.

Princess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson

In their Netflix series, the Duke and Duchess recalled that specific night.

“Well, if it’s going to come out tomorrow, let’s go and have fun tonight!” Meghan said.

Princess Eugenie – appearance in Harry & Meghan’s Netflix series

Harry added: “We went to this Halloween party together, where we could be completely dressed up, and no one would know. I had a bandana and goggles on.”

The Netflix documentary included many never-before-seen pictures of Harry and Meghan’s two children, Archie and Lilibet. Moreover, it gives some insight into what Princess Eugenie means to the couple, as she appears several times.

In the last episode, Princess Eugenie visited the couple’s home in Montecito, California. Moreover, she was seen enjoying a bike ride with Harry and going to the beach with Archie.

She is believed to have been the only royal that has visited Harry and Meghan since their move from the UK.

“Harry and Eugenie have always been close ever since they were children. He always makes her laugh. They share a sense of humour,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“She is friends with Meghan too, and was close to his two previous girlfriends, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas. It was Eugenie who helped set up Harry and Cressida. She refuses to abandon him. She is a very loyal lady, she is not one for taking sides.”

Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank married in October 2018, just months after Harry and Meghan tied the knot. The wedding took place at Windsor Castle with around 800 guests, including the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Harry sparks outrage after baby reveal on Eugenie’s wedding

The wedding was, of course, just as fabulous as any royal wedding. In hindsight, though, it has been claimed that Harry and Meghan may have stolen the spotlight from the bride. At least, that’s what certain royal fans and experts are arguing.

As per reports, during Eugenie’s wedding, Harry and Meghan decided to make a significant announcement.

In his book, Spare, Harry revealed how he and Meghan decided to tell close family at the wedding that they were expecting their first child, Archie.

The Duke said he and Meghan were “deliriously happy” for Eugenie. He saw the celebration as a chance to pull aside family members one by one and tell them the good news.

“At Windsor, just before a drinks reception for the bride and groom, we cornered Pa in his study. He was sitting behind his big desk, which afforded his favourite view, straight down the Long Walk… He was delighted to learn that he would be a grandfather for a fourth time; his wide smile warmed me,” Prince Harry recalled how he broke the news to now-King Charles.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

“After the drinks reception in St. George’s Hall, Meg and I pulled Willy aside. We were in a big room, suits of armor on the walls. Strange room, strange moment. We whispered the news, and Willy smiled and said we must tell Kate.”

“Why would you do that?”

Harry added: “She was across the room, talking to [her sister] Pippa. I said we could do it later, but he insisted. So we went and told Kate and she also gave a big smile and hearty congratulations. They both reacted exactly as I’d hoped — as I’d wished.”

Once the news reached the public, people were, of course, over the moon for Harry and Meghan. Archie was born on May 6, 2019, at The Portland Hospital in London. As with the birth of any royal child, it was a monumental occasion – but Harry and Meghan decided to approach things differently.

In Spare, the Duke detailed their time at hospital in his book.

As mentioned, the public were largely very happy for Harry and Meghan after the birth of their son. But after Harry’s book was released, their popularity fell drastically.

As reported by Yahoo, royal fans took to Twitter to express their anger about Harry revealing his baby news on Princess Eugenie’s wedding day.

“Why would you do that? To upstage the bride on her big day. Megs would have been livid if someone did that to her,” one person said.


“It is called attention-getting when rude people intrude into other people’s big day,” another angry person wrote.

Princess Eugenie – new baby announcement

“I wouldn’t have, even if the bride and groom were OK with the announcement, something this special should be shared separately,” a third added.

“Why would Meghan and Harry think it’s OK to announce their pregnancy at their cousin’s wedding? They couldn’t wait one more day?” another person asked.

Today, Harry and Meghan have a happy family. Their second child, Lilibet, was born in 2021, and moving forward, she and Archie will have two very special friends in Eugenie and her husband’s children.

The Princess and Jack Brooksbank welcomed their first child, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, on February 9, 2021. Just weeks after the Duke released his book, the princess shared the lovely news that she and Jack were expecting their second child.

“We’re so excited to share that there will be a new addition to our family this summer,” Princess Eugenie shared on Instagram together with a photo of her son, August, kissing her stomach.

Princess Eugenie

“Princess Eugenie and Mr Jack Brooksbank are pleased to announce they are expecting their second child this summer,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. “The family are delighted and August is very much looking forward to being a big brother.”