Bill uses a cane to get around and has trouble walking, so it was clear that he needed help to gather up his groceries.

Meanwhile, Melissa Whittington and her stepson Phillip were walking up to the store when they saw Bill drop his items, and they did not hesitate to stop and ask if he was okay.

What they didn’t know was that Bill was actually a volunteer who had been planted in front of the North Port Police Department, who had rigged the parking lot with cameras and microphones.

At that very moment, officers were watching the scene unfold from their squad car, and they were eager to see what would happen.

The cops overheard Melissa tell a bystander, who was actually another plant, that it had recently been Phillip’s birthday, but she could not afford to buy him presents because money was so tight. It also happened to be Christmas season, and buying presents for anyone was very difficult for Melissa and her family.

Finally, the officers stepped out and revealed to Melissa the real reason behind their hidden cameras. When Melissa heard what was happening, she was completely overwhelmed and could not help but break down in tears. The video serves as a reminder that being kind to others really does pay off!