The Carol Burnett Show is responsible for producing hundreds of classic, laugh-out-loud skits. Carol Burnett, Tim Conway and the rest of the talented cast never failed to crack up audiences and,at times, even themselves.

The setting for this memorable and hilarious skit is a courtroom. It begins as a lawyer addresses the jury and the entire room, telling everyone what he intends to prove with his case. The individual – the defendant – the lawyer describes sounds evil, full of malice and downright detestable.

We then get a look at the defendant. It’s Tim dressed as a bunny in a suit, with long, dangly ears atop his head, a pink mustache and elongated whiskers that protrude off his face. He even carries and chews on a carrot throughout the skit!

Tim’s bunny character is on trial for using black and white paint to create a faux tunnel on the side of his neighbor’s house. Essentially, Tim is Bugs Bunny, who is on trial for one of the many tricks he played on the Road Runner in those classic Warner Bros. cartoons.

Like those cartoons, Tim’s bunny character plays a few tricks on the lawyer. He gets him to drink paint, telling him it’s milk and glues his hands to the witness stand. 

The skit ends just like those cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner with dynamite! The lawyer, who is over the bunny’s antics, tells the judge that he’s making a mockery of the judicial system and mentions specifically his carrot.

The lawyer, who is more than a little perturbed and disgusted, demands the bunny immediately hand over his carrot. But it’s not exactly a carrot that the lawyer receives. Instead, the lawyer gets a stick of dynamite!

How everyone in the skit manages to keep it together and not break character at all, not even crack a smile, is beyond me! 

Job 8:21 “The time will come when your mouth will be full of laughing, and cries of joy will come from your lips.”