Ever since Prince Harry’s scandalous tell-all autobiography, Spare, was released for public consumption, the internet has been sharing all the most shocking tidbits. Even before it was available in stores, rumors were swirling around this highly anticipated book, which lays absolutely everything out on paper, from exposing the Royals’ secrets to sharing tales of how he lost his virginity. Here are the biggest secrets that they never wanted you to know about.

Harrys first time was with an older, horse-obsessed woman outside a pub

This isn’t the romantic tale we were expecting. In the book, Harry shares a private story about losing his virginity at 7 years old to an older lady that loved horses. It apparently happened in a field beside a popular pub, where Harry said, “no doubt someone had seen us” maybe the prince is a secret exhibitionist!

A look back at Harrys drug-filled party days 


Opening up about experimenting with substances, Harry admits that he tried cocaine as a teenager in the summer of 2002, and did it on several other occasions over the next few years. Eventually, he figured out that the drug wasn’t for him, and it didn’t make him feel as happy as it seemed to make others feel. However, he did say that it made him feel different which was his goal in doing substances.

That time he called Camilla an evil stepmother

Harry was Introduced to Camila after his mother passed away. It was a time of healing for the prince and in an interview with The Sun he compared the meeting to “an injection”. He said that Camilla appeared “bored” when she met him for the first time. This was apparently because it was a “pure formality” since he wasn’t in line to be an heir, and Harry admitted that he was worried she would fit into the “wicked stepmother” cliche.