When people learn that a woman stays at home to become a full-time mom, there will always be those folks who feel like these women do nothing. Staying at home is usually connected to having more time to do what they want and just resting inside their comfortable houses.

Sadly, there are still husbands who look down on their housewives, thinking that they have it easier because they are just at home the whole day. They don’t attend meetings, make reports, or do presentations.

What these people do not know is that being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy job at all.
When women choose not to “work”, this does not necessarily mean they do not work at all. The real and tougher work is only about to begin.

One woman decided to break her silence and speak up against stereotyping stay-at-home moms.

Tiktok user @sierra_not_ciara thought about what it meant when her boyfriend accused her of doing nothing at home because she is a full-time mom.
And she realized that this accusation is none at all true. She is always busy not with reports or meetings, but with all the house chores she has to finish on a daily basis. Not to mention that this woman is also a mother of two kids! Now, that’s one tough job already.

In her uploaded video, the stay-at-home mom shared all the things she needed to get done all while her boyfriend is at work. She also mentioned how he thinks she’s “doing nothing” while he is out to earn some cash.

She started her video with one tough task: preparing dinner for the children.
If you are a parent, you would surely agree that any mealtime in the day is a big, big challenge to overcome. Things can get messy, but of course, the kids’ health and wellness should still be prioritized.

So you ignore all the mess as long as the kids get a decent amount of healthy food in their tiny tummies. It starts off as a simple conversation of trying to make them eat and ends up in an all-out war on who’s boss. Mom usually wins, but sometimes, the little kids prevail.

Another challenging part of a full-time mom’s day is bath time.

With two kids running around, anybody could easily lose their calm. Not this mom, though. She manages her kids and gets them to take a bath.

Getting the kids dressed is another hassle on its own. If they ran around from the bath, these kiddos also love to run away from their clothes!

This mom is one tough cookie, and these chores are not even everything she’s doing the whole day. Her boyfriend at work could be having a coffee break. However, the full-time mom sure doesn’t have any moment to spare, unless the children take a nap, which is also another hurdle to overcome.

Whew! Just watching her video can make you feel tired. Now, who’s doing nothing again?

This mom of two’s very long day ends with her tucking her babies in. Her daughter gets to bed first and then, she finally gets a chance to have dinner but she does this standing up, all while carrying her son on her side.

You might think that everything’s finally settling down and she’s about to get her much-needed rest. But, wait, her son pooped on her!

This mom’s documentation of her tough day is definitely an eye-opener.
Women who choose to stay at home are also bombarded with work. While people in offices and field work are given a fixed number of hours to earn money each day, moms never get a day off at all because their work is never done.

This is why they also deserve to be praised and thanked for all their hard work made out of love and genuine care for their family.