Horses are incredible, majestic animals. They are intelligent and able to bond with humans on a deep level.

That’s what one heartwarming video shows, as a woman makes snow angels alongside her favorite horse.

Sandy Hodskins is the owner of West Meadow Farm in Bradford, New Hampshire. She is the owner of a horse named West Wind, a 17 year old Kiger Mustang mare, who she got as a yearling.

“We have been a team ever since,” Sandy wrote on YouTube.

After a recent winter storm hit the farm, Sandy brought West Wind to a new paddock covered in fresh snow.

Sandy decided to do something we all did during childhood snow days: she got on the ground and started making “snow angels.”

But what happened next was truly adorable: West Wind started making snow angels with her!

“I was happy she did it next to me!” Sandy wrote. “We were just having fun like we did as kids. Something we often forget to do when we turn into an adult.”

Sandy says she studies Natural Horsemanship, a way of communicating with horses and using psychology to connect with them. She says she knows West Wind loves laying down in fresh snow.

Watch the video below:

It’s clear Sandy and West Wind have a true bond, and it’s adorable to see them playing in the snow together like children!

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