Sylvester Stallone was plagued by his “autism” diagnosis for a very long time. At first, the actor’s personal health was blamed for the illness. After some time, though, medical professionals abandoned this theory and blamed Sylvester’s speech issues on birth trauma. However, this diagnosis affected the actor in a different situation a few years later.

Stallone and his wife were overjoyed to welcome their second child. The young people did not hesitate to display the boy, who they gave the lovely name Sergio, to the public.

Even the youngster and his father played a part in the movie at one point. He portrayed Rocky’s son in the drama. He was never seen again on the TVs.

When he was three years old, the child last “lit up” in front of the public. Sergio had a magazine cover with Sylvester Stallone. The boy’s parents started to notice something odd over time, though.

Sergio didn’t communicate, showed no interest in his surroundings, and didn’t want to play with his older brother. The young youngster enjoyed listening to music and drawing.

He displayed absolutely no abilities in communication. The parents ultimately made the choice to take the infant to the doctor. They discovered Sergio had autism in this way. Stallone initially believed the diagnosis would not be verified. It didn’t, though.

Sergio’s mother took up his upbringing after that. On the other side, Stallone started working hard to totally support his family. The boy’s brain is not damaged and can be taught, according to extensive research.

Sergio had the opportunity to develop into a normal kid. Working with professionals enabled the child to utter short phrases and occasionally even respond to what was happening. He was particularly motivated by the “Rocky” films.

The pair split up because Stallone’s family could not withstand such a trying situation. In addition to providing his youngest boy with the best care he can, Sylvester assists his ex-wife financially. Even better, he built a fake stream in the backyard so Sergio could enjoy the sound of it.

The actor once claimed in an interview that his connection with Sergio is more cordial. Stallone struggles to acclimate his son to his lifestyle and must take up residence in a certain area where Sergio resides.

Stallone compares the son to a broken radio. Either he is approachable or entirely disconnected from reality.

Sylvester is devastated by this because he had hoped to have a true paternal bond with his children.