What is happiness for an abandoned child? The family that cares.

Each of them is most likely waiting for his mother and father to pick him up from the orphanage. In China, there are a lot of orphans.

The major reasons for this include the “one child per household” edict, poverty, and a desire to produce males.

There are a lot of females in orphanages.

Dawson and Hannah were abandoned at an orphanage when they were just a few months old. Despite the fact that they were not siblings, they were quite close

The friendship between them only became deeper over time. They are everywhere together in the shot, constantly smiling and holding hands.

Hanna was devastated to learn that she had been adopted by a family in the United States and that she would never see Dawson again.

Dawson, sadly, remained in China as Hannah traveled to the United States.

Hannah’s new parents were Sharon and Andy Sykes. They produced two more children, who gladly became her elder siblings, but everyone could see how much Dawson meant to her.

The couple received a snapshot from the orphanage in which Hannah was always adjacent to the boy. Parents saw that the youngsters were frequently holding hands and concluded that they were quite close. The family then resolved to assist Hannah’s buddy.

Hannah’s new mother felt responsible for this boy’s fate. She posted about it on social media.

Hannah now resided in Texas, but half of her heart was still in China.

Amy Clary learned about Hannah and Dawson’s close bond. She informed her husband, and the couple chose to adopt the kid.

Clary’s family already had three under-five children. Despite knowing it would be tough with four little children, they did not abandon the dream of parenting Dawson.

Of course, resolving all of the concerns took a long time. But everything worked out in the end.

They were desperate for Dawson and Hannah to reconcile.

The children had no idea they would become neighbors and live within five minutes of one other. They are quite pleased!

Dawson, three, got to know his family after getting off the plane. And it was then that he observed his dear pal racing towards him!

Hannah was waiting for him at the airport. They ran towards one another, laughing and hugging.

The grownups were overcome with emotion. They missed each other so much!

Hannah and Dawson’s bond drew the Clary and Sykes families closer together. Their families have grown significantly!

They were desperate for Dawson and Hannah to reconcile.