Students at Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio, were in for the surprise of their lives. Normally, nothing is going on of any excitement before their homecoming football game. But the principal decided to spice things up a little bit.

Students were left in awe when one of their teachers interrupted the principal at the pep rally. The teacher told the principal to take a seat and then something magical happened.

Out of nowhere, the sounds of Bruno Mars’ Grammy-winning hit, “Uptown Funk” took over the sports hall. The lyrics “Don’t believe me? Just watch” seem quite fitting at this moment where the teachers proved that they do have fun personalities themselves.

As soon as the teachers heard that lyric, they knew it was their cue to take to the floor and show the students how they like to have fun. The staff was about to perform an epic teacher flash mob.

The Whitmer High staff started busting some serious moves to the Bruno Mars song. You can see and hear the students cheering and laughing as they were left very surprised by the shock performance.

teacher flash mob

As the song progressed, other members of staff joined the teacher’s flash mob
More and more members of staff joined in with the choreographed dance routine. Honestly, we have no idea where they found the time.

They must have had a fair few after-school rehearsals. Even the mascots got involved!

The students definitely seemed to enjoy the performance. Who can blame them?

I know I would be pretty stunned by seeing one of my teachers doing ‘the worm’. It’s definitely something to behold. Did your teachers ever do anything surprising?

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