The show Reba was incredibly popular upon its airing in 2001 on The WB. When the show ended in 2007, fans were heartbroken at having to say goodbye to the beloved cast.

But now, in 2023, the cast is coming together again and it is making thousands of people smile!

Cast members Melissa Peterman, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, and Steve Howey from the iconic show Reba had a reunion recently for a very special reason. The three former co-stars met and celebrated a special day together.


51-year-old Melissa Peterman made sure to capture a nice selfie for social media so fans could see their little reunion as well! The snapshot featured a portion of a lifesize cutout of Reba but not the singer and actress herself.

The reason for that is that Reba McEntire was busy preparing for her performance at the Hollywood Bowl. The cast had a reunion so they could go and witness the country legend sing on stage.

Peterman captioned the picture, “Mrs. H is at the Hollywood Bowl tonight!!! @stevehowey @jogarciaswisher @reba @hollywoodbowl,” she wrote in the caption, referring to McEntire’s character on the show which was named Reba Hart.

Apart from the selfie, Peterman also posted a video of herself and the cutout of Reba rushing down her driveway saying to the camera, “We got a show at the Bowl tonight! Reba and I are leaving, we got a show at the Bowl!”

The show first aired in 2001 and was an instant success. McEntire starred in the show as a suburban Texan mom named Reba Hart. In the show, Peterman played the character Barbra Jean. Jean was a dental hygienist who becomes pregnant after she becomes involved with Hart’s husband on the show who was played by Christopher Rich.


As Reba is navigating her new life as a single mother, she learns her teenage daughter Cheyenne, who was played by Swisher is also pregnant. Cheyenna is expecting the baby with her high school boyfriend Van who was played by Howey.

Last month in an interview, Howey talked about how much he would enjoy the possibility of a Reba reboot! He said, “Yeah, I mean, I don’t even know because when I played Van on that show, I was in my early 20s. And to see where Van is now and where the family is, I mean I would do anything. Reba says, ‘Jump,’ and I’ll say, ‘How high?’”

After her music performance, Reba made sure to meet with her old castmates. They even took an adorable picture together!

The cast reunited for Reba McEntire’s concert which is so heartwarming. It is so nice to see them all together once again! Share this with other Reba fans so they can also enjoy looking at this mini-reunion.