A woman who had been missing for two days was found alive inside a Jeep that had been almost completely submerged in a lake in Marion County, Texas.

The startling discovery was made Friday, April 7 after a fisherman spotted the top of the Jeep floating in the water and contacted authorities.

“As the jeep was being prepared for removal from the water, it was discovered a person was still in the vehicle and moving,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The fisherman was fishing on Lake o’ the Pines when they saw the top of the vehicle about 40 feet from the shore. They called the police and waited for officials to arrive.

As they got the Jeep ready to pull it from the water, authorities noticed movement inside the vehicle.

An ambulance was summoned to take the woman, who had been determined listed as a missing person, to the hospital.

At this time her condition is unknown.

Despite the many questions that remain – like how did the Jeep end up in the water? and how long was the vehicle in the water? – officials have yet to find anything suspicious about the case.

“There was nothing uncovered during the investigation to suggest this case was anything more than an accident,” Capt. Chuck Rogers, an investigator at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, told NPR.

This woman had a guardian angel looking out for her. It’s a miracle she was able to survive inside the submerged Jeep. I pray that she is able to fully recover.