Fans and members of the tv show Storage Wars are mourning.

One of the show’s stars, Gunter Nezhoda, has died at 67 following a battle with cancer.

Gunter Nezhoda’s son confirmed the tragic news on his Instagram and said that he thought that Gunter was going to fully recover – but unfortunately, he didn’t.

The A&E’s long-running hit show Storage Wars has given us some unforgettable moments over the years. One of the show’s most popular characters and recurring bidder, Gunter Nezhoda, definitely contributed to the series’ success.

Gunter, known for being a very amusing guy, started to appear in the later seasons of Storage Wars alongside his son, Rene Nezhoda. His last appearance came in 2019, in season 12. Apparently, Gunter had been ill for quite some time but the family chose not to go public with it.

However, on March 22, Rene took to Instagram to share some very sad news.

”My dad six months ago was diagnosed with lung cancer. He’s been smoking for 30 years,” Rene said. ”And last night he passed away in his sleep peacefully from complications from lung cancer. He had all kinds of holes in his lungs, and there was nothing else the doctors could do.”

Facebook/Gunter Nezhoda

The reality tv star was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2022 and underwent chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t help.

”We kept it private and thought he was going to fully recover, but unfortunately he didn’t,” Rene noted.

According to Page Six, Gunter Nezhoda passed away with his youngest son, Ricky Nezhoda, by his side.

”Now hopefully he’s up there in heaven with my mom dancing again. And no more pain and stuff like this,” Rene said.

Obviously, Gunter was an extraordinary person who made a big impression on those around him. Of course, for anyone who has seen a few episodes with him, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Gunter was an upbeat person with great energy.

But for everyone who didn’t know him, Rene wanted to convey the image of his father in his sad post on Instagram.

”You know, my dad was one of the guys on ‘Storage Wars’ that never really got any hate, people just loved being around, including the crew, including everybody, everybody loved working with my dad,” Rene shared.

After living in Germany for many years, Gunter moved to Las Vegas in 1990.

Besides making an impact on Storage Wars, Gunter had many other talents. According to IMDB, the Austrian-born tv personality was also a passionate photographer and actor. In 2020, he appeared in the low-budget movie Haunting at Death Valley Junction.

His photos and portraits were used by countless magazines and ads, and the multi-talented Austrian also worked with big clients like Microsoft and Ford.

Gunter was also a talented bass player and played alongside several famous artists, including Pat Travers and Leslie West.

After announcing his death last week, Rene was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support he and his family received.

“I can’t believe newspapers all over the world have written about my dad’s passing, and we have received love and support in so many ways,” Rene wrote. “There are so many comments. Thank you.”

My deepest condolences to the family and friends, it was delightful to see him always stirring something up and making things more interesting, he will be missed.