Feeling restricted is no fun. This may be especially true for animals, whose instincts are to roam free and unhindered.

Unfortunately, a common practice in Romania means this is not the case for many horses. In order to prevent them from escaping, horses’ front or hind legs are sometimes bound with chains.

Veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu came across one such horse and knew exactly what he had to do.

Ovidiu encountered the chained wild horse in the Danube delta and his heart immediately broke. The horse was unable to roam around freely, his legs bound by thick chains that were even cutting into his skin.

No matter what he tried to do, the horse could barely even move.

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Ovidiu knew very well that horses want nothing more than the ability to run and roam around freely. So he immediately got into action.

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The Rescue

Ovidiu grabbed his tools and immediately got to work. He lures the animal forward and eventually has it rest on the ground.

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He then grabs his pliers and gently gets to work.

After some time and much love, patience, and effort, Ovidiu eventually manages to set the desperate horse free.

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It takes some time for the horse to really come to terms with what has just happened. He seems almost puzzled by his new ability to move after having been paralyzed for so long.

When he does realize he is free, his happiness cannot be contained and he rejoices in his newfound freedom.

But most amazing of all is how the horse reacts to his hero — he leans in gently and looks Ovidiu right in the eye in what can only be described as a clear gesture of gratitude.

YouTube/FOUR PAWS International

Watch the incredible rescue and the horse’s fantastic reaction in the video below.

Chains should ever bind no horse, no matter the reason! Please share if this horse’s newfound freedom made your heart glow, too.