Sometimes, all we want is to just get off the grid and go back to nature.

A sweet little escape from the stressful city life would be nice, especially at the end of a workweek.

This tiny house in Coromandel, New Zealand, features five 20-foot shipping containers and is a perfect place to go off the grid.

It sits on a 23-acre land in the middle of a privately-owned reserve.

The place was given a sanctuary status, and there are only 25 lots within 1,100 acres of land. Rosie was lucky enough to buy and own this lot with a stunning view around.

She named her house Ahurewa which means “sacred place.”

The place is sacred, indeed, with all the natural resources around her.

So, she respects the land’s sacredness by living in the most eco-friendly means possible.

It is entirely off the grid.

They source their electricity from 12 solar panels in a 4kW system.

In addition, they have two 2,500-liter water tanks and a vermicomposting toilet where their water waste goes to tanks used for their composting system.

The exterior of her house is nothing short of breathtaking.

She has a little garden where she allows plants that naturally grow in the area to flourish. She also plants edible and medicinal plants for her use.

And her tiny house is strategically located, and she enjoys the view of both the sunrise and sunset.

If it’s that spectacular outside, wait until you get inside!

You get inside her house through the mud house.

This is where you can dust off your shoes before entering her beautiful home.

It’s a great transition from nature outside to a cozy home inside. This is also where Rosie keeps the batteries, inverter, and power grid to prevent the heat they emit away from the main house.

Then, you’ll enter a vast space that features her kitchen, dining area, and patio.

The ceiling-to-floor windows and sliding door welcomes you with a breathtaking view from the outside.

It’s also very spacious with a huge kitchen area which is perfect for welcoming guests.

Another incredible feat of her house is her fireplace.

It serves as both a heater to warm the entire house and an alternate stove if they run out of energy from their kitchen stove.

One can simply put a pot or casserole, and the heat from the fireplace will cook it. Awesome, right?

The library is every bookworm’s dream!

Two of the walls are filled with books from the ceiling to the floor.

All books are arranged in what she calls “Rosie’s Classification System.” It has a comfortable chair for a reading nook.

The other side of the house consists of the bathroom and bedroom.

The bathroom is simple yet stunning.

Rosie also chose to future-proof her bathroom by creating a big shower area to fit a shower chair and grab handles that also function as a towel rack.

And lastly, a spacious bed facing the beautiful scenery outside.

The lovely room has a king-sized bed, but there’s still lots of space to move around. The walls feature giant glass windows that offer the perfect sunrise view. What a wonderful place to wake up each day.

Check out the full tour of Rosie’s incredible house in the video below!

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