Lisa Hartman Black made her way into the hearts of the nation with her angelic voice and stellar acting abilities. Now at 67 years old, the actress is still as lovely as ever. Keep reading to learn what she has been up to in the last few years.

You probably remember Lisa Hartman Black from her role in “Knots Landing” from 1982 to 1986. She was also a recording artist, and her most famous song became “If Love Must Go.”


She is not a young girl anymore and, in fact, just celebrated her 67th birthday. She married Clint Black, with whom she celebrated 31 years of marriage. Black has a daughter who she runs a family business with.

The actress and singer took a step back from the glamors of Hollywood to enjoy a quiet life with her husband and daughter. She posted a video of the three of them walking together to promote a television special in 2022.

The former actress turned 67 on June 1st, 2023. Her daughter Lily Pearl Black was the first person to wish her mother on the occasion posting wonderful images of the former actress on Instagram.


She thanked her mom for being a wonderful role model to her as well as being her friend. She also said she hoped to be like her when she grew up.

A photo from 2021 was included in the Instagram post with the mother and daughter duo smiling at the camera. Fans loved the image, commenting on how Lisa had not aged a bit!

Her daughter Lily has been raised by looking at a strong and healthy union. Lisa and Clint met in 1990 on New Year’s Eve backstage at one of his concerts. When the couple met, they said the world went into slow motion for them. When he saw Lisa he had no idea who she was and just looking into her eyes was enough for him.

The couple toured together in 2021 after many years of marriage. Fans appreciated how in love the two of them seemed and how they were a testament that a good marriage can last forever!

When they were asked how they managed to stay in love after all these years, Clint simply shared, “Love is something that you nurture and protect. We’ve grown together in our relationship and never apart.”

He shared how Lisa was a major influence on his life and that any love song he wrote after their meeting had something to do with her. The couple even managed to release a few duets together.

As for Lisa, when she met Clint, she decided to put her own music career on hold, saying that she had done what she set out to do in the music world and her husband’s career was more important and extensive; thus, she decided to focus on that!

But Clint wanted his wife to sing with her. He got her into the recording studio to do a duet with him. They sang “When I Said I Do” with him. He shared: “I go, ‘Sing this with me,’ because she would sing harmony with me on my favorite songs around the kitchen. So after two days, we’re singing this song, and she sounds great, and then I told her, ‘You’re going to have to record that with me.”

She told him at first to find a real singer to record the song with him. When he asked her why she was afraid of doing so, she simply shared that she was scared as it seemed like a big deal to her.

He managed to convince her that if she didn’t record the song with him, she would always regret it especially if he found someone else to record it with him.

Their daughter also became interested in singing. The couple heard her singing and knew their daughter had a talent that needed to be nurtured and shared with the world.

The couple has now taken their show titled “Mostly Hits & The Mrs.” on the road, and it has become a family business as they revealed their daughter would be joining them as well.

Young Lily joined her parents after taking a gap year from studying music at Belmont University in Nashville. Her parents asked her to join them while all of them were having dinner together. When they asked her she screamed and cried out of excitement.

The young girl considers her parents her best friends, given that she is their only child and has been the sole focus of their affection her entire life. Lisa also put her career on the back burner to focus on her daughter, which in turn made their bond even closer!

The couple knows they did their best to nurture the bond that the three of them have together! They are now proud parents to aspiring country artists. She also looks so much like her mom, anyone who sees the pair can tell there is an uncanny resemblance.

It is so nice to see that Lisa Hartman Black is doing well. We wish her the very best! Share this piece with other fans of the singer and actress so they can know how she is doing these days as well.