As adults, we have a ton of responsibilities on our plates. We are tasked to maintain our homes, we experience pressure at work, and some of us are raising children. With age comes knowledge, and as we grow older, we gain wisdom about how to deal with life’s challenges. We tend to believe that there is nothing new to learn anymore because we think we’ve been through it all, but that is not the case… as exemplified in this story that happened at this elementary school.

Elementary school students comforting each other.

Young as they are, we sometimes have a lot to learn from children. Try observing how a child interacts with other people and you’ll realize that they never extend any judgment towards them. They have a gift to appreciate the little things, at an age where the sense of wonder remains pure.

They act based on human instinct and according to how they feel. They see the world through completely different eyes, and because we’ve been here a long time, we tend to forget that once in our lives, we were as innocent and as pure as them. The video went viral because it is a great reminder that humanity can do better!

Boy with down syndrome comforts classmate in an elementary school.


We could all use a reminder about the innate kindness of humans, and this heartwarming video captured in an elementary school will surely do just that.

In a short clip taken in a school in Mexico, a young boy with Down syndrome can be seen comforting his classmate who has autism. The latter is clearly upset, and when the kindhearted boy saw him crying, he immediately came to his rescue and tried wiping away his tears.

Boy with autism getting comforted by classmate in an elementary school.

The boy with autism can’t seem to stop crying, so after a while, his compassionate classmate offered him a warm hug, patting and stroking his back while doing so. By the end of the video, the boy appeared to be calmer, all thanks to the help of his friend who was there to soothe him.

The video has amassed 21 millions views on Facebook as of writing, proving that a seemingly simple interaction between two children can be powerful.


This boy who is still in elementary school, with a heart of gold, shows us that being kind doesn’t take a lot, but it does wonders for the person who we show it.

Watch the viral video in the clip below.

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