Bonnie Baum Roth was a ray of sunshine. She was positive, happy, and loved life.

It was July 15, Friday, and it started out as a busy but beautiful day for Bonnie Baum Roth and her two little girls. Around 8 in the morning, they were all set and started driving. Bonnie, along with Moxie, 9, and Roxie, 3, were on a trip to Long Beach for a dance competition.
According to the California Highway Patrol, Bonnie lost control of the SUV. Her car swerved into the median strip.

Then, the car rolled down and ended up eastbound the Interstate 8. Everything happened in a snap. Because of the impact, Bonnie was ejected from her SUV.
She died on the spot.
Bonnie was a very happy person. She was passionate about her life and wanted to live life to the fullest. Being a mother made her so happy and she would always be there for her kids.

The kids miraculously survived with minimal scrapes and stitches, thanks to the help of two good samaritans.

Cheryl asked the public to identify the two ‘angels’ that saved her granddaughters.
Immediately after the crash, two people rushed to the scene and took the girls to safety.

Gas had spilled everywhere, which means the SUV could explode at any moment.

“Any moment, that car could have burst into flames,” Cheryl said.
The two good samaritans didn’t care. They went there, and even though it was hard to remove the girls from the crash, they didn’t stop until they did.

They were also able to cover up Bonnie’s body, shielding the little girls from the traumatic sight.

They didn’t even get their names.
“We’re pleading for you to come forward. You’re our heroes. You’re our champions,” Cheryl asked the public for help.