In a world where the cost of living, food, and house prices are skyrocketing out of control, it’s inspiring to find people who have really hacked the system and found ways of freeing themselves.

Meet Brent and Greer who started with a $2,000 house truck and ended up building an off-grid, self-sufficient paradise. 

After building their house truck, they set out on a road trip in search of rural land they could purchase for under $100,000 and they found their dream spot nestled by a river in the amazing and wild West Coast of New Zealand. 

Over the years, while living out of their house truck, they have developed the land, growing orchards and gardens on a mission to move towards self-sufficiency and food independence.

This venture has been so successful, they have now even built a farm store that helps to supply their local community. 

Brent and Greer are living proof that with creativity and a lot of hard work, it’s still possible to make the off-grid, tiny house dream come true for a reasonable cost. 

We hope you enjoy the video tour of this amazing house and land.

To follow this couple’s incredible journey, you can find them on Facebook