Janice and Glen used to have an Airstream before they decided to build their tiny home.

The airstream was just a tad too crowded.

Their 1978 Airstream was about 30 ft long, and it wasn’t conducive for more than one person to be in it simultaneously for more than a day or two.

This new tiny home has plenty of room and storage.

Janice says it even has more than she needs.

She has several spots that are empty that can one day be filled.

Janice researched around 50 Tiny home builders for two years until she came across Timber Craft in Alabama.

They were the perfect fit.

She fell in love with Timber Craft because everything seemed high quality.

They also make everything in-house, which in turn, makes everything customizable.

She picked out almost every detail of the house she wanted, making it her dream home.

Janice and Glen wanted to downsize as they retire/plan to retire.

They have a home in Portland that they love, but now that Janice is retired and Glen is retiring in the coming months, they are ready to build their home in this tiny house and eventually sell their home in Portland.

When first looking to downsize, they were considering the beach.

This was during the pandemic so they were looking for a way to get out of their house.

At first, they got an ad for the 1978 Airstream that they decided to purchase.

The land that the Airstream was on was also included in the sale (which is where the tiny home is today) in Tiny Tranquility, a neighborhood for small homes.

This tiny home has quite a few special features.

They built an electric fireplace in the living room to create a cozy environment as they looked out into the meadow outside their window.

The tiny home has windows near the ceiling that bring in all the natural light they could ever want.

They even added two skylights in the living room.

Rather than having a high ceiling in the bathroom, they decided to build a loft.

This loft will soon be turned into a bedroom for their daughter.

The room will have enough space for a bookshelf, a seating area, and a bed set.

They didn’t want to use a ladder to get to the upper areas.

Rather than a ladder, they had stairs built, and inside the stairs, drawers were built for storage.

The master bedroom also includes high ceilings and is surrounded by many windows to make it feel very spacious.

Underneath the bed and on the side tables is built-in storage, so they have plenty of room for their belongings.

Sometimes, the outside is just as important as the inside.

The tiny home is not only special on the inside but on the outside too.

Because they have their tiny home on a piece of land, they built a patio with an outdoor dining set to enjoy their meals and time outside.

They could also pick all the colors for the outside of the house, including the windows and doors, so the design could feel cohesive from the inside out!

Are you interested in a tiny home?

In the neighborhood she lives in, the neighborhood owner has ten homes that he rents out.

She shares that it’s the perfect opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like to be in a tiny home.

Click the video below for a full tour!

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