A baby is born with a rare birthmark that almost all the women in her family have.
A few years ago, an unusual girl was born in South Carolina.

Her hair was pitch-black, but only the center of her head was as white as snow with small curls.

The girl’s mother and even her grandmother have the same features.
This little one has tiny patches of vitiligo all over her body, a hereditary skin condition that manifests as bright-colored patches in certain areas or all over her body.

The family believes that such a unique sign is a good omen. The most interesting thing is that the great-grandmother of this family also had the same bouquet of gray hair.

Furthermore, not all the women in the family are born with such signs, but as soon as such a girl appears, everyone is very happy.

Once there was a mother of young children who wanted to know who her ancestors were, but it turned out that her adoptive great-grandmother and her family tree could never be fully researched.

Often, shows about girls from such unusual families are filmed, mothers are interviewed, and the little ones grow up to become real stars.