With work that requires 9 hours of your time, careers you want to focus on, and dreams you are working hard to achieve, being caught up in this busy world is hard to avoid. In the case of the ‘elusive’ success, there will be people you might forget to give time for.

Most of the time, these people are our parents who have been there for us since day one. Despite being the ones who never get tired of supporting our dreams and aspirations, parents often slip from the mind of their growing children.

For the parents, seeing their children grow up accomplishing their dreams and building their own family gives a proud feeling. However, the satisfaction is mixed with a bit of sadness, seeing how their grown-up children forget they are growing old as well.

Fortunately for one old couple, their son longed to move closer to them once again. The man’s family has decided to move across the country to be able to be closer to his aging parents. What even made the decision even better, is how he and his family surprised the elderly couple.

The man requested for his parents to visit an open house which is for sale near his own home. The parents happily obliged the request of their son, oblivious to the surprise he had prepared for them.

The elderly couple walked and explored the home, checking out every corner. Unbeknownst to them, their son is watching as they looked throughout the home, recording a video of it as well.

As they tour the house, the couple were baffled by the pictures laying on the countertop. Looking closely, the couple realized it was personal pictures of them. Confused, the elderly couple was wondering what their pictures are doing inside a house that isn’t theirs.

Wanting to find out what was going on, the grandpa went outside to check out the patio. It is at this moment that his grandson, Cole, who lives in another state greeted him.

Not expecting to see his son and his grandson, the grandpa couldn’t help but exclaim ‘You guys are gonna give me a heart attack!’ The grandpa swelled up in tears as he hugged his thoughtful grandson.

“You wanna see his- our rooms?” His son asked. The grandpa cannot believe the question asked by his son, the reality had not sunk in yet. “Are you gonna buy it?” The overwhelmed grandpa asked.

“It’s been bought. This is our home. Happy Thanksgiving!” 

Evident in the video, the unsuspecting grandparents sure appreciated the moving surprise of their son. The decision of their son to live closer to them is truly the best Thanksgiving gift they have ever received.

Watch the video below and see the captivating reaction of the grandpa, who cannot help but cry tears of joy upon being surprised by his son