Most people associate Bachelor parties with men drinking heavily and partaking in promiscuous activities. And the men involved in this story similarly expected to have a wild weekend but then things changed and turned completely different.

Keep reading to learn more about what happened.

The groom-to-be Mitchell Craddock rented a cabin in rural Tennessee and was accompanied by seven of his closest friends. The group was all set to have a while night, but while they were just about to have breakfast, they had an unexpected guest.

They were cooking some bacon on a grill when they noticed something. A lone dog sat out on the porch and stared up at them.

It was clear that the dog was hungry and wanted some of the bacon they were cooking up, but it was too scared to come inside and get some from them. The eight men tried to lure the dog inside with promises of bacon, but the dog refused to budge. They started referring to her as Annie.


Neither of them had any idea of where Annie had come from. However, Annie was clearly very happy and wagging her tail. Soon they managed to gain her trust and Annie began to become friendly with the seven men.

They soon realized that Annie was a mother. But looking at her malnourished form, they were confused about how she was able to feed her puppies; if at all.

“After we gave her a lot of food and water, she was able to give milk again,” Mitchell Craddock told ABC News. “So we thought since she was giving milk, the puppies couldn’t be really old.”


Annie soon led them to the middle of the woods, where lay a well. Inside the well were seven puppies laying in the middle of grass and sticks. They picked the puppies up and lay them down next to Annie who “checked the puppies. [She] looked up at one of the young men and gave her a look that said, “It’s okay, I trust you,” Mitchel tells ABC News.

The puppies needed a bath and to be treated for fleas but other than that they were surprisingly in good health.

Before anyone knew it, the bachelor party had turned into a rescue mission for Annie and her puppies. “We had a lot of money to spend on food and beer,” Mitchell said. “But after the third day, all the beer money went to dog food!”


They went one step further when each man decided to adopt one of the puppies, as they could not bear the thought of leaving the little puppies alone in the woods to fend for themselves.

Since all the young men who adopted the puppies were friends, this guaranteed that Annie and the puppies would see one another regularly.

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