Imagine a life where the open road is your backyard and every day presents a new landscape to explore. Meet AJ, John, and their four spirited children, who have turned a 40-foot school bus into a cozy, mobile home.

With a keen eye for design and a knack for carpentry, John has transformed the bus into a sanctuary that houses six people and a plethora of dreams.

The living room, complete with a U-shaped couch and hidden storage compartments, doubles as a sleeping area for the parents, thanks to a cleverly designed pull-out bed.

But the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. The family’s electrical setup is a marvel of modern technology.

Tucked neatly beneath the living room couch, you’ll find a Victron charge controller, a 3000-watt inverter, and two 200-amp hour batteries.

This powerhouse of a system can run an air conditioner all night and still have enough juice for breakfast, making it a perfect fit for a family that loves the freedom of off-grid living.

The bus also addresses the practicalities of life on the road.

A pocket door separates the living area from the ‘throne room,’ which houses a Nature’s Head composting toilet.

Up front, the driving area is designed to keep the family close. Two original bus seats, now equipped with shoulder straps, provide safe seating for the kids, while a swiveling passenger seat offers a comfortable spot for AJ.

The family’s culinary needs are met with a full-sized refrigerator and a kitchen that would make any home cook jealous.

Open shelves display jars of spices and grains, many of which were grown on the family’s former farm.

An induction cooktop and an air fryer replace a traditional stove, aligning with the family’s preference for electric appliances.

The sink even features a light that changes color with the water temperature, adding a touch of whimsy to the practical space.

The family’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their choices.

They opted for an Eco filter for their water, a gift from John’s aunt, instead of the more popular Berkey system.

The filter sits proudly on the kitchen counter, purifying every drop of water the family consumes.

The journey to bus life wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. Eight years ago, the family considered making the leap but chose to stay on their farm to give their young children a stable environment.

Now, with their kids a bit older and more adaptable, the timing felt right.

The bus was purchased last December, and after selling their house, John completed the build in just four months.

Space optimization continues in the bathroom and sleeping areas. The bathroom features a tiny sink alongside the shower, allowing for multitasking.

Each family member has a dedicated drawer for their belongings, and the kids have embraced their individual bunk beds with enthusiasm.

The sleeping quarters are a far cry from the family’s previous arrangement—a communal family bed at their farmhouse.

The exterior of the bus is just as functional as the interior. It houses 125 gallons of fresh water and 75 gallons of gray water, along with two LP tanks for outdoor cooking.

Security cameras add an extra layer of safety, giving the family peace of mind while they explore new terrains.

As they look to the future, AJ and John are considering building another bus or even offering custom builds for others.

For them, the bus isn’t just a home; it’s a lifestyle that embodies their family motto of being “wild”—uncontainable, always adapting, and forever evolving.

With their eyes set on endless horizons, this family’s journey is far from over, and their story shows the boundless possibilities of life on the road.

Check out the full tour in the video below!

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