Have you ever heard of a bank being transformed into a house?

Cathy Calhoun from Spring City, Pennsylvania, did just that.

After working as a teller at the National Bank of Spring City for a decade, starting in 1972, Cathy took on the monumental task of converting this familiar building into her dream home.

The bank, which was originally built in 1872, was a working business when Cathy bought it.

Over 24 years and with an investment of about $52,000, Cathy turned the 5,200 square foot structure into a luxurious residence.

She approached the renovation with a blend of nostalgia and innovation, ready to breathe new life into the old bank.


It’s a unique home that has it all.

The building now boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms, seamlessly integrating its historical elements into a modern living space.

Among the preserved features is the original Seth Thomas street clock, which, once reinstalled, brought joy to the townspeople, reminding them of times past.

There are conversation pieces everywhere.

Cathy’s creativity shone brightest with the main vault, which she transformed into a stylish bar.

She removed a wall of safe deposit boxes to create more space, while keeping another wall intact, adding a unique touch to the ambiance.

Cathy found a treasure trove of items.

Inside the safe deposit boxes, Cathy discovered old bankbooks, bills, coins, and stock certificates, which she decided to display as memorabilia.

Her innovative approach extended to other areas of the bank as well, such as converting the old coupon room into an elegant powder room.

Even the living room boasts comfort and uniqueness.


The lobby, once covered with a dropped ceiling, now reveals its grand 40-foot height.

Cathy restored the original coffers and skylight, enhancing the space with natural, warm lighting.

A painter was even commissioned to replicate the Pennsylvanian sky at sunset on the ceiling, adding a magical touch to the room.


Despite its transformation, the building’s past as a bank sometimes still confuses locals.

Cathy humorously shares, “I always tell them, ‘deposits only.’”

What was once a boardroom has now been turned into an exquisite boudoir.

It’s glamorous enough for a queen.

The boudoir, Cathy’s favorite part of her home, is a sanctuary featuring a bed, fireplace, wide-screen TV, jacuzzi, and bathroom.

This luxurious space was once the bank’s boardroom.

Meanwhile, the old basement vault, which she once dreaded, has been converted into a sauna, complete with a door from the original vault.


Cathy Calhoun’s journey of transforming an old bank into a home shows that sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to incredible things.

What was once a stark, industrial building is now a warm, inviting, and luxurious residence.

Press play on the video below to get a full tour of her “bank home!”

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