When this double-decker was a commuter bus back in the 50s, nobody could imagine it would eventually end up being someone’s home.

But the cute vehicle had a long life on the road before retiring. You see, after being a commuter bus in Manchester, UK, it was transported to San Francisco and then Mt. St. Helens, where it was used as a tour bus.

Then, it was really time for retirement. So, it was bought by Matt, who turned it into a food truck. It was taken to Portland, Oregon, where it became famous as the Grilled Cheese Grill. You see, Portland residents seem to love food and drink, so the bus was really popular for the nine years it was active.

And then, someone imagined it as a tiny home. And he turned it into one.

Whit Scott had been in the bus when was still owned by Matt, and then he found it again, bought it for $8k, and decided to turn it into a proper house.

He renovated it, with the help of family members, over five months, and the whole project cost about $22k- including the money spent to buy it.

Scott is really proud of how the tiny home looks today, and his family have been renting it on Airbnb since August.

The proud owner takes us on a tour around his tiny home, and we’re absolutely loving it.

It’s cute that he kept the Grilled Cheese Grill sign, and it’s even cooler that the tires still move if you turn the steering wheel!

On the inside, the main entrance is a door that was added when it was still a food truck. The guest enters the kitchenette, which is small but very practical.

It has a beautiful countertop and everything you need to prepare some coffee or quick lunch. It also features a microwave and a mini fridge.

Next, you can see the living space, which is basically a sitting area surrounded by whimsical paintings that have been there for about a decade.

The bathroom is tiny but cute. Scott’s father himself worked on the bathroom door and he’s quite proud of it. On the inside, it’s cool: a full-size shower, a mini sink, and a composting toilet. Just what a guest would need.

Walking up the stairs, you will find the only bedroom the house has. It has a queen-sized bed, and a cozy space that will soon feature something like a home cinema.

Outside, Scott and his father have just created a little patio and a space where their guests can have a drink and enjoy themselves.

Scott, an entrepreneur himself, explains that at some point he got tired of working in front of a computer screen, and that’s when he decided to change his life.

Today, he renovates airstreams and he introduces himself as a “tiny house maker”.

Scott is living his best life and his double-decker is, too!

Watch the tiny house tour in the video below.

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