Our heroes had very little money. But by a happy coincidence, they were able to buy a dilapidated house very inexpensively. The young family wanted to live in comfort and coziness. Then the guys decided to take matters into their own hands, in the truest sense of the word.

The couple was determined to restore the house and do it on their own. First, the family made a clear plan for future work and then proceeded to implement it. Since there was not much money, everything had to be done gradually. But with every step, their house was getting better, and this allowed them not to lose enthusiasm and stubbornly go towards the goal.

First of all, the guys decided to add more space to their homes. The old roof still needed a major overhaul, so it was decided to raise its level at the same time, thereby creating space for the second floor. A simple but very practical summer terrace also added space — under it you can easily hide from rain or summer heat. The house immediately became more comfortable.
Of course, increasing the area of the house was a very difficult task, both in terms of paperwork and finances. However, the family managed and today does not regret at all that they decided on such an adventure. The couple is very proud that they succeeded, because they did almost all the work themselves, without the help of professionals. This story is a living embodiment of the phrase «put
your soul into your home.»

Even at the planning stage, the couple decided that the final look of the house would be as authentic as possible. They categorically did not want to do modern fashionable repairs. The guys pursued the goal not to rebuild it, but to restore it, preserving the maximum of original details.

Young people repaired all the furniture that they inherited from the house. By the way, in the end, this economy-driven trick became the highlight of their interior. But they especially wanted to keep the oven, made according to ancient technologies.

The stove had suffered notably while the house was abandoned. But the family carefully repaired it stone by stone. The restored and slightly modernized structure has become the real soul of the house. The stove creates a special comfort, forcing you to mentally go back to childhood, during the summer holidays with your grandmother.

Initially, this house was supposed to serve as a country cottage where you can spend weekends and vacations. But so much soul, time, and money was invested in it that after finishing work on it, the couple decided to finally move into it. Now the family with two children lives in the house of their dreams, which they built with their own hands.

Soon after the move, young people who had always lived in the city became completely imbued with rural life and even started a small farm. Thanks to this, the spouses and their children always have natural homemade food on the table. Starting this large-scale alteration, the couple could not even think how cool it would change their lives.

Today, the young family is happy, they compare their life in the house with a fairy tale story. And they feel just wonderful in their cozy, warm, and unique home. These guys have a lot to learn, neither the lack of money nor other difficulties stopped them. They decided and did it, well done — you can’t say otherwise.