How would you imagine a “mansion” that you can tow behind your truck? It’s quite difficult to picture especially when it comes with three bedrooms and a loft.

But believe it or not, such a home exists and has just recently entered the market. Just imagine living in splendid luxury while driving from one breathtaking spot to another.

Andrew Godwin from the YouTube channel Andrew with Camper Kingdom is a lucky guy!

He was one of the few people invited to see Forest River’s newest luxury camper. Godwin gives detailed reviews about campers and is a dealer of such products.


This time, he had the greatest pleasure of reviewing Forest River’s Wildwood 2024 44View. And if that sounds like a mouthful, wait until you what’s inside.

The camper sits at a length of 45 feet, is 13 feet high at its highest point, and is about 8 feet wide. It also can carry more than a thousand pounds of cargo.

The camper boasts 200 square feet worth of windows, perfect for soaking in breathtaking views.

The first thing you’ll notice once you step in is the spiral staircase going up to the loft. Then, your eyes will be drawn to the center island of the kitchen. The surface has a marble finish and comes with a hand-held kitchen faucet and a refrigerator with double doors.


You’ll surely rub your eyes just to make sure what you’re seeing is real. If not for the narrower floor plan, you’d assume that this kitchen belongs to an actual luxury house.

It also has a cozy living area.

The big L-shaped couch serves as the main seating area. This couch also opens up into a massive bed come night time and it’s the perfect sleeping spot for your friends.


If you’re worried about your basic urban creature comforts, the Wildwood comes not only with one but two bathrooms.

When it comes to sleeping, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

One bedroom has two double beds with a storage partition in the middle for all your clothes, accessories, and other gear.

The master bedroom is right under the first bedroom and it is massive – at least in camper standards. It has a large king bed that tilts up.

The bathroom is unlike any bathroom you’ve seen in a camper!

It has a shower booth, a flush toilet, and a washer and dryer for those long stays outdoors. It’s almost like a house than a camper at this point!

A lot of the comments on the video say that they’d be willing to live in the Wildwood full time and we can’t blame them.

But what’s the price tag on this amazing mini-mansion?

This tiny mansion will dent your wallets to the tune of just a little over a hundred thousand dollars. And if you’re going to spend that much money on something as beautiful as this, you better pack your bags, sell your house, and drive across the country.

When someone asks you to imagine a mansion you can bring with you, you can now perfectly picture what it looks like.

Watch the video below and be amazed by this “tiny mansion” on wheels!

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