This awesome Dutch family is exploring the world in a retired firetruck that they turned into an incredible off-grid, off-roading overlander! They’re taking the truck down the Pan American highway with plans to make it to Argentina, but also no pressure to finish the route if it stops working for their family. Jasper quit his job so they could all focus on the girls while they’re young and enjoy the time together.

The firetruck has mini bunk bedrooms for the girls, a full bathroom, and a great kitchen for all their eating needs. The U-shaped dinette gives everyone a seat at the table for meals and game nights. What an incredible childhood these girls will have!

Overlander with Elevator Bed & Cute Kid Cubbies

Look how sweet these bunks are! There’s a door with each child’s name on it to keep them from falling out.

Here’s the elevator bed on its way down.

VIDEO: Overlander family who converted a fire truck into a tiny home!


  • Suzan and Jasper had lived in Thailand for his job, but they wanted more opportunity to explore the world with their girls while they’re young.
  • They do homeschool curriculum provided by the Netherlands (they’re Dutch) with their oldest to make sure they’re getting a solid education.
  • Each girl has a bunk with a window that makes for more of a tiny bedroom than a bed. There are amazing laser-cut doors with each girl’s name on it so they can hide out.
  • They have a small bathroom indoors
  • The family lounge area folds flat at night and mom and dad’s bed comes down from the ceiling.