Homelessness is a major issue in every city around the world, and something that most governments struggle to manage. A Canadian millionaire’s homeless community project decided to tackle this problem head on.

Marcel LeBrun is an entrepreneur and founder of a successful media monitoring company from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. After selling his company for eight figures, he allocated a substantial amount to address homelessness in his community.

LeBrun explains the concept of the project to help the homeless.

In 2023, data from the Human Development Council showed that in New Brunswick there has been a 25% increase in homeless individuals; 1,829 individuals experienced homelessness for at least one day; and 654 people experienced chronic homelessness, meaning that they were homeless for at least one year.

Though the numbers may be far greater in bigger cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, LeBrun saw an opportunity to make a difference and improve the lives of those facing the challenges of homelessness.

The project aims to reduce homelessness in New Brunswick, Canada.


The millionaire’s homeless community project invested $4 million to build 99 tiny homes for people in need. Grants and support from the provincial and national government helped raise funding to $12 million to expand the project.

Known as 12 Neighbours, the project aims to build a gated community with 99 homes and an enterprise center. This innovative approach not only provides a safe and stable housing solution – it also creates job opportunities for people in the community.

The homes are fabricated in a factory established by the millionaire's community housing project.


The homes are not just shelters. Lebrun envisions himself as a community builder, so the project is meant to create a supportive environment for residents.

The homes are fully furnished living spaces with kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, full bathrooms, and even solar panel systems on the roofs.

The homes are then moved into the community.


As part of the vision of the millionaire’s homeless community project, LeBrun established a factory for skilled builders to assemble the homes.

Advanced manufacturing techniques allowed the factory to produce homes quickly, at an average of one tiny home every four business days. 

LeBrun monitors how the homes are settled into their foundation.

After construction, the homes are carefully moved onto concrete blocks that form the foundation of the community.

LeBrun also aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and stability in residents by giving them the opportunity to possess their own property. This not only empowers those who experienced homelessness – it also helps foster a more supportive community.

The millionaire’s homeless community project also facilitates jobs through the enterprise center, which features a coffee bar and a silk printing business. These are run by the residents themselves.

The homes are tiny but complete living spaces.

This initiative generates income for participating residents and encourages interaction between the residents and the broader community.

Despite its noble intentions, the project has had its share of criticism. Rather than sequestering homeless individuals together, some argue that it is better to reintegrate them directly into society.

The millionaire's community housing project will include an enterprise center that will provide job opportunities for residents.

LeBrun himself acknowledges the challenges of the project and has implemented measures to ensure the security and well-being of the community.

Security measures include gated entrances and top-notch surveillance systems to provide a safe and protected space for residents.

This resident now has job at the community as a landscaper.

LeBrun explained, “[The resident] moves into a house and then other people show up and say, ‘Hey, you owe me this, you owe me that,’ and they kind of take over things and they have to learn, what does it mean to have a space where you are actually the manager of that space, and you control it … and you choose who you invite in and out?” LeBrun hopes that these steps can help eliminate some of the issues faced by residents.

Ultimately, the millionaire's community housing project aims to give the homeless a chance at a better life.

The goal is to make 12 Neighbors a self-sustaining community that people would want to visit. Ultimately, the millionaire’s homeless community project hopes to make a difference in the lives of people who simply need a chance to have a better life.

This is an awe-inspiring example of using personal success to help transform lives and communities, and hopefully inspire others to contribute to society as well.

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