Barbra Streisand, a legendary singer, actress, and filmmaker, has always had a keen eye for beautiful homes, culminating in her dream property in Malibu.

Despite her humble beginnings in a small Brooklyn apartment, sleeping with her mom and not having a bedroom until she was 16, Streisand’s love for interior design blossomed early on.

It was even her first couch, acquired after her mother remarried, that sparked her initial appreciation for furniture. Keep reading to see just how stunning her home is!

As a young woman pursuing her acting career, Streisand decorated her space with thrift shop finds, displaying a creative flair even with limited funds. Her taste evolved over the years, especially after her Broadway success, leading to a love for Art Nouveau furniture and Tiffany lamps.

Streisand’s journey to her dream home is detailed in her book, ‘My Passion for Design‘. This property, spread over 3 acres, includes four buildings, each reflecting her love for craftsmanship and old-world charm… But it took Streisand 11 years to finally acquire it!

Credit: Bauer-Griffin / GC Images / Getty.

Her home showcases a meticulous collection of art, furniture, and decorative arts. Streisand’s approach to collecting is methodical, exploring different styles and periods in-depth. She often gives away items to ensure they go to homes that genuinely value them.

In 1994, Streisand auctioned her Art Deco collection at Christie’s in New York, showing off her dedication to creating thematic spaces.

This collection featuring items like Lalique glass, a beautiful ivory desk by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Tamara de Lempicka’s painting Adam et Eve, and even Cartier clocks! Many of these items had been on display since the 1970s in a guesthouse on her property.

Credit: Mark Sullivan / WireImage / Getty.

Her living space is a harmonious blend of meticulously chosen colors. Streisand’s attention to detail extends to candy wrappers in color-coordinated candy dishes, floral arrangements, and even family photos displayed in black and white.

“I like monochromatic rooms, and I like black-and-white movies,” she previously told Architectural Digest.

The singer’s commitment to monochrome extends beyond her home, influencing her fashion choices. “I like to wear one color; I never wear prints,” she said. Streisand is known for experimenting with prints in specific rooms, such as her “Art Deco Matisse room.”

A dining room inside Streisand’s Art Deco home. Credit: Getty.

Her commitment to preserving beauty is evident in her personal life, particularly in her 1998 wedding to James Brolin. The private ceremony was held in her Malibu living room, and she was married in front of celebrities like John Travolta.

Barbra Streisand’s journey from a small Brooklyn apartment to her dream home in Malibu is a testament to her exquisite taste, artistic vision, and enduring passion for creating beautiful spaces.

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