In just a few days, Kate Middleton will leave the private hospital, The London Clinic. The Princess of Wales has undergone abdominal surgery, which, according to Kensington Palace, has been planned for some time, and will continue her recovery at their Windsor home, Adelaide Cottage. Kate won’t return to royal duty until after Easter – but according to a doctor, her recovery won’t be filled with fun.

Prince William has visited his beloved wife several times at the hospital. Moreover, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are also said to have seen their mother, and soon, they will get to see her every day as she gets home. 

While William is said to be the ‘perfect help’ in this situation, with his children not seeing their mother every day and possibly being worried about her, he has taken on more responsibility at home, driving them to school and more. But Kate has managed to stay in touch with her children in the sweetest way, even though it’s now only through a screen.

The sudden statement that Kade Middleton had undergone a planned abdominal surgery left many royal fans in shock. Kensington Palance announced the news on Wednesday last week, and since then, the Princess of Wales has been recovering at the private London Clinic.

As first stated, she is set to stay there for “nine to 14 days,” before she returns to Windsor to recover at Adelaide Cottage. Kate won’t be back to royal duties until after Easter.

Princess Kate recovering at hospital after abdominal surgery

While Kate is recovering, Prince William will reduce his public engagements. This is to help better care for the couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

For Prince William, the future king, royal engagements are not the most important thing, as he won’t return to royal duty until Kate returns home. He has shown the country that family always comes first. According to royal expert Jennie Bond, it shows how William has grown into a modern father in his pursuit of modernizing the monarchy.

“William choosing not to do engagements is completely in line with their view that they make the family the most important thing as much as they possibly can,” Bond told OK! “This is a time when the kids are going to need their dad more than ever, with their mum in hospital, so he’s going to be there to reassure them.”

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But while Kate Middleton is surrounded by some of the best experts and doctors, William is most likely still scarred from precious experiences when worrying about family members. Not least since he lost his mother, Princess Diana, when he was only 15 years old.

At the same time, royal expert Jennie Bond concludes that William and Kate will have an easier time supporting their three children, Geroge, Charlotte, and Louis, as the future king knows how one could feel being worried about a parent.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis visit their mum

Jennie Bond said that keeping a routine is “important,” but it isn’t strange that they’ll be “confused.”

“William is, sadly, perfectly placed to help. He knows exactly how it feels to be worried about your mum, and, in his case, to lose her. So he will be taking extra care to reassure the children and tell them as much, or as little, as he judges they need to hear,” she added.

“I’m sure that as soon as it is appropriate, William will take them to see her in hospital, because children need that kind of face-to-face reassurance.”

Jennie Bond added: “He’ll be feeling emotional, stressed and probably rather bewildered by this sudden turn of events.”

“You can have every privilege in life, but your health is paramount and beyond your control. William will certainly visit Kate as much as he can, but also be there for the children. They want to keep things as normal as possible, so I’d expect William will be doing the school run, helping with homework, cooking and doing the bedtime routine.”

When Kate Middleton gets home to Windsor, her family will support her a little extra throughout her recovery.

Her parents, Michael and Carole, and her siblings, Pippa Matthews (former Middleton) and James, will help her in any way they can, and her parents, since they don’t live far away, will certainly be able to help with their children, who has had sleepovers several times at their grandparents’ house in Berkshire.

Prince Louis, Kate MIddleton
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As mentioned, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are not used to having one of their parents being in the hospital.

Kate Middleton is keeping in touch with her children through FaceTime

They are said to have visited their mother, but Kate has come up with a smart way to keep in contact with them.

Hello! Magazine reports that the Prince of Wales uses her phone to call her children via FaceTime. Not only can they talk to her, but see her through video.

“Kate loves FaceTiming the children when she is working away overseas, so I’m sure they will be in regular contact while she’s in hospital, and the kids will be keen to see her as soon as she’s well enough,” Hello Royal Editor, Emily Nash said, as per Express.

“Both William and Kate are very hands-on parents – they take the kids to school, attend sports matches and concerts and try to be home for bedtime as much as they can. While Kate is in hospital, William will be at home keeping things as normal as possible.”

Princess Kate has always been a very active person, playing tennis and other sports. Meanwhile, she loves playing sports with her children, and throughout her royal life, Kate has stressed the importance of being active, which she’s been encouraged to do since childhood.

But for the coming months, as she is recovering at home, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will most likely get to find another playing partner.

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Dr. Deborah Lee from Dr. Fox Online Pharmacy told Express that she might have difficulty performing simple tasks, which would also mean it would prevent her from playing with her kids.

“For abdominal surgery, most people stay in the hospital for four to seven days. After laparoscopic surgery [a type of keyhole surgery], this is reduced to two to four days,” she said.

Kate Middleton rumored to still be working from bed

“It very much depends on what exactly has been done. If a patient needs to go to ITU, it’s likely their hospital stay would be considerably longer. It can take two months or more for the patient to feel comfortable and be able to move around normally afterward.”

As mentioned, tennis has brought her and her children together. Also, at home, Kate, George, Charlotte, and Louis usually jump on the trampoline out in their garden. That will likely be put on hold for a while.

Although Kate won’t be back to royal duty until after Easter, she will probably do some work from bed. As per the Times, the Princess of Wales will most likely work in a “manner consistent with her recovery.”

For example, she has always been passionate about charity work, mental health, and children’s health. Kate recently launched the Shaping Us campaign to raise awareness of the importance of a child’s first five years of life. She won’t be out on royal duty – but still do some work from bed.

“Her passion for the early years is clear, there will be a huge continuation of that campaign and she will be keen to be out continuing that conversation with the nation as soon as possible,” an aide told The Times.

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton has been surrounded by some of the best doctors at the London Clinic. She has gotten all the necessary information about how to recover in the best possible way.

Doctor tells Kate Middleton to “not rush back” to work

Meanwhile, going back to work too soon can be devastating, according to Dr Max Pemberton, a full-time psychiatrist with the NHS. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Pemberton says that Kate must “not rush back” after her surgery and issues a warning.

“The Palace has said she’ll be taking time off official duties until Easter and on this, I think she’s incredibly sensible. We don’t know what’s wrong or why she needed the operation, but Kate has always struck me as quite down-to-earth, level-headed and stoical, so I’m sure she wouldn’t have heeded medical advice and taken that much time off unless really necessary,” he said.

“Abdominal surgery is serious. Of course, there’s always someone who will tell you how they had a hysterectomy in their lunch break, or their appendix removed while on the school run. But in reality we should all be taking a leaf out of Kate’s book and convalescing properly.”

Dr. Max Pemberton continued describing that we, in this somewhat stressful world, all must fully recover physically and mentally before returning to any kind of work. Just like Princess Kate, Pemberton explains that he, too, has had abdominal surgery.

“Looking back, wish I’d appreciated how major my operation was and taken the time needed to recover,” he stated.

The doctor concluded, “I hope Kate makes a speedy recovery, but also hope she doesn’t return to duties until she’s good and ready.” Kate has reportedly vowed to continue working from her hospital bed and faces two weeks in the private clinic in London, where she went under the knife last week.

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