Kate Middleton is continuing to recover from her abdominal surgery in January. The updates on her health status have been few, and apart from the statement about her leaving the hospital some weeks ago, Prince William has only mentioned his wife’s status briefly when out on royal duty.

It’s only known, so far, that Kate won’t be back on royal duty until after Easter, but only time will tell whether the recovery takes longer.

Even though we all know she is dedicated to her work and wants to return as soon as possible, she is now being warned about returning to the spotlight too soon. 

After 13 days at The London Clinic, Kate finally was finally able to reunite with her and Wiliam’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, at Adelaide Cottage. The kids reportedly didn’t visit their mother once at the hospital – which allegedly was Late’s choice – and instead used FaceTime to talk to each other.

Kate Middleton

Before Kate left the hospital, one royal expert claimed that recovering at home in Adelaide Cottage could be bad for the princess.

Speaking to GB News, royal correspondent Michael Cole said their Windsor home could hinder her recovery.

“It’s not an absolutely ideal place. A former tenant of Adelaide Cottage was Mrs Rosemary Townsend, the wife of Group Captain Peter Townsend, who famously had an affair with Princess Margaret.

“And she wrote in her memoirs that it was the coldest place she’d ever encountered in the whole of her life.

“So maybe not the best place to start feeling better, particularly in this quite cold winter that we’re enjoying at the moment.”

Kate Middleton
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Home will always be the place we are, or at least should, feel most comfortable with being. Therefore, it’s not a wild guess why Kate decided to recover at home, not least to be close to her children.

Why Kate chose to recover at Adelaide Cottage

In an interview with GB News, Sophie Cress, a licensed therapist and mental health expert, stated that the Princess of Wales “deliberately” chose to recover from her surgery at Adelaide Cottage.

“Any surgery, no matter what kind, will inevitably present both emotional and physical obstacles. Given Kate’s prominence within the Royal Family, these problems are certainly more pressing in her instance,” Cress said.

“Her position’s demands, scrutiny, and public attention might have a substantial negative effect on her psychological health while she recovers. From a psychological perspective, it’s critical to acknowledge that surgery is a significant source of physical and emotional stress.

The mental health expert added that the body can experience a “variety of emotions” when traumatized, such as anxiety, vulnerability, and lack of control.

Also, having her family and friends close by will help her not to feel lonely, which also will contribute to her mental health.

“She may have made a deliberate attempt to establish a healing-promoting atmosphere by coming back to Adelaide Cottage, her family’s secret sanctuary,” Sophie Cress continued. “Assuring mental stability and a sense of security, having family and comfortable surroundings around can be quite beneficial during the healing process.”

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Public attention could hurt Kate’s health, as Cress explained, and that is likely a reason for the few updates on how she is doing.

Mental health expert issue warning to Kate weeks after surgery

Meanwhile, the mental health expert explained in another interview that the Princess of Wales “needs to strike a careful balance” once she returns to her royal duties.

“It is crucial to address the topic of Kate’s potential engagements from a psychological standpoint when she returns to her royal duties,” Cress said. “Resuming work after a recuperation period, particularly after surgery, necessitates striking a careful balance between mental and physical health.

“Kate is probably going to ease her way back into her royal responsibilities, giving priority to things that suit her energy and health at the moment. Psychologically speaking, it’s critical that Kate maintains her autonomy and sense of control over her schedule as she gradually returns to her duties.”

The mental health expert added that Kate would benefit from having plenty of flexibility, and participating in events about things she is most passionate about, such as mental health issues, could be a good idea.

“Initiatives centred around mental health awareness or philanthropic ventures that allow Kate to reconnect with her hobbies and interests can be sources of fulfilment and drive,” Sophie Cress continued.

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“Activities that require Kate to interact with people may also be extremely important to her healing process, given the public nature of her position. Participating in social activities can offer chances for validation, support, and connection—all critical components of preserving psychological health.

Kate’s recovery could take up to nine months, according to surgeon

Two weeks ago, Kate left the family home with her husband and their children to spend some days at Anmer Hall in Sandringham for the kids’ half-term.

Even though there haven’t been many updates – and no official one since Kate left the hospital – on her health and recovery, the fact that she could travel to Anmer Hall was a good sign.

But while Kate seemingly doesn’t need to lie in bed all day, she could be negatively affecting her recovery if she is too active.

Speaking to Hello Magazine, Shashank Gurjar, a consultant and colorectal surgeon specializing in the keyhole and open surgery for bowel cancer, explained what the recovery period looks like. We don’t know exactly what Kate’s surgery is about, so this can only be seen as speculation.

It will take “a good six weeks to let the wounds fully heal,” he said. But at the same time, if it’s a large wound, meaning the stitch will be bigger, Kate could have problems with it for “six to nine months.”

“The skin itself heals within 48 hours, but the knitting together of the abdominal muscle, which is the sheath of the muscle, that has a stronger stitch which may last a good six months,” Shashank Gurjar told Hello.

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Further, the expert said that Kate must focus on three main things when recovering to make it as smooth as possible.

“I think the important thing is firstly to recognise that you’ve gone through something significant. This is a life event. You cannot think you’re going to bounce back tomorrow. You’ve got to give it time,” he said.

Kate Middleton honored by jewelry brand

“The next thing is nutrition. You must ensure that your nutrition is adequate because wounds need to heal. So you need a good mix of multivitamins, microelements, and all the stuff that you need in a good diet. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, everything. So a good sensible diet.”

Gurjar concluded, “The third thing is to build up mobility bit by bit. You’re not going to get better by sitting or lying in a bed all day every day for the next two weeks. That doesn’t help either. So you need the insight, you need the nutrition, and you need the recognition that you have to start mobilizing and build up slowly, but surely.”

Kate Middleton won’t return to royal duty until after Easter, but reports suggest she has done some work from the hospital bed, such as answering emails. She also wrote an emotional letter to a grieving widow.

Meanwhile, a jewelry brand has decided to honor Kate with a sweet tribute as she recovers from her surgery. In a statement, Jewelry brand Earsass has just launched a new pair of earrings named after the Princess of Wales. They were intended to serve as a “thank you” to Kate for wearing the “Issy Star” charity earrings for last year’s. World Mental Health Day.

Kate Middleton
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The new earrings are called “The Catherine.” They combine a 14k gold-plated or silver hoop with delicate blush pink glass beads. On X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday morning last week, Earsass announced the earrings – and they sold out in less than two hours.

“A devoted mother and fashion icon”

Sophie McGown founded the jewelry brand EarSass in 2020 as a lockdown project, and she is, in fact, the late Issy’s cousin. All of her earrings are designed after inspirational and influential people in her life.

Luckily for royal fans, “The Catherine” earrings can be pre-ordered again.

“We wanted to honour HRH Princess Catherine with her very own pair of EarSass. We are so grateful for how she has helped us to raise thousands for Brave Mind through wearing our Issy Star earrings and we will be eternally grateful,” the statement from the jewelry brand read.

“She is not only the future Queen but also a devoted mother and fashion icon. These small glass beaded hoops are unique, beautifully elegant and timeless – just like the princess. These earrings would make the perfect gift for any devoted mother, wife, sister, best friend or absolutely anyone special in your life.”

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