Architect Patrick Mets always had a fascination and a love affair with old industrial buildings, and most especially water towers.

He was just a young boy growing up in Belgium when he would imagine what it would be like to live life in one of those towers found along the countryside.

Fast forward to many years later, and Patrick got to live out his childhood fantasy.

This is the home he created and it is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Patrick and his partner, Valérie Lecherf, searched the Belgian countryside for a year and a half on a motorbike, looking for the perfect water tower.

The idea and the goal was to convert the tower into a unique home for their future family.


Eventually, the couple came across this run-down, abandoned tower just outside of Brussels, and Mets knew it was “the one” the moment he laid eyes on it.

The tower was just a few meters away from the airport and was surrounded by the beautiful Belgian countryside.

But Mets and Lecherf knew that the view was not enough.

The structure was intriguing but they had to find out if the building was actually livable.


It had been abandoned for 10-15 years, though the structure was sound on the outside. But the cement and metal inside had corroded.

Patrick coughed up $43,000 for the place, but before he could start work on it, he ran into a problem with getting the proper permits needed from the city.

But he was determined.

It took him seven years to get permission to start building, and another five to complete renovations.


Renovations took around $2.1 million to complete, and once it was finished in 2009, Patrick called this place “Chateau d’eau,” which means “water castle.”

Charming, right?

Mets worked with designer Mauro Brigham (NC & Bham),creating this sleek, modern aesthetic with a water theme.

The actual cement water tank was left completely intact, only they painted it black.


He wanted to preserve the water tower aspect so the various pipes and holding tanks were left where they were, all painted black to show that they are original to the building.

The tower has windows, allowing for a 360-degree view of the quaint European countryside.

You wouldn’t know it but the living area is inside the original water tank too!

There’s also a technical room, storage and utility room, two bedrooms and a spacious multi-functional room.

But it’s the third level that is truly impressive.

It is entirely made to be a bathroom with a central 4.5 meter rainforest style shower installed, including a bathtub you would refuse to get out of.

A rooftop patio, complete with another water pipe is used for cooling down after sunbathing, and those selfies you just have to post!


The tower is 90-feet high and is beloved in the village.

Patrick and Valérie lived in this Chateau for four years, before moving closer to their daughters’ school.

Family always comes first!

The tower was rented out for corporate events and other special occasions as a result, but it still grabs attention from anyone who walks or drives by.

But talk about building your childhood dream home!

Take a tour of this stunning home in the video below!

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