It’s always interesting when we see wild animals. We may even have some in our own neighborhood, and watching them is an enjoyable pastime.

There are also times when wild animals may be more than just the gray squirrel or the occasional raccoon that wanders through the backyard. In some parts of the world, there are rare and beautiful creatures that are not often seen.

This includes the Canada Lynx, which typically has a brown/gray fur coat. These animals exist but they are elusive, and it is rare to ever capture a picture of one with black fur.

In 2022, somebody was able to capture some images and it wasn’t long before they went viral. It was a researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada, who recorded the video.

There was an article entitled: “Paint It Black: First Record of Melanism in Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis).” The article was published in the journal, Mammalia.

It was near the Yukon metropolis of Whitehorse where the footage was captured in a residential neighborhood. The big cat was seen relaxing from about 50 m away.

Since there were people nearby and a dog, and the dog started barking, the Canada Lynx eventually fled the scene.

This is not a creature that is seen frequently. They tend to be reclusive, and they hide in nature. That is why the video was taken from such a far distance away, which made it kind of shaky.

This is a rare species of animal that is rarely ever seen and the video is absolutely incredible.