A cruise passenger has revealed what happened when someone got a bit hot and bothered on a 2000-person nude ship.

I’ve seen Titanic too many times to ever think about actually stepping onto any sort of cruise, but maybe all the passengers being butt naked might take my mind off my fear of the ship sinking – they do say to imagine an audience naked to combat nerves after all.

However, what happens if in focusing on the sea of naked bodies around you, you end up getting a bit too excited?

A cruise ship passenger who ‘disembarked from a 2,000 person nude cruise‘ two days ago has taken to Reddit to bear all about their experience.

The passenger went on a seven day-long $2,500 trip organised by Texas-based company Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, setting sail from Tampa, Florida.

Taking to the thread r/AMA, the user u/wisecommenter2 allowed others to ask all sorts of questions about the unique experience.

They explained they’re ‘an experienced nudist’ and subsequently were ‘very comfortable from the beginning’ of the trip, but did that comfort go away if someone got a bit too energised by all the naked bodies around them?

Ever fancied a naked cruise? Credit: Bare Necessities
Ever fancied a naked cruise? Credit: Bare Necessities

U/LostnHidden asked the user: “Maybe not specific to the cruise, but nudism in general… I’m assuming boners just happen, since it happens in everyday clothed life, too. Are they frowned upon or just accepted in this environment?”

The original poster responded, noting in their experience, boners ‘almost never happen’.

“This cruise is very non-sexual, so a man would want to hide it somehow. Non-nudists think about this a lot more than nudists do,” they said.

There were 2,000 naked people on the cruise. Credit: Getty Images/ Geography Photos/ Universal Images Group
There were 2,000 naked people on the cruise. Credit: Getty Images/ Geography Photos/ Universal Images Group

Another user u/tortillini-houdini added: “What was the rule for boners?”

And the user reiterated: “As I said above, this is something that nonnudists worry about a lot more than nudists. I’ve been a nudist for ten years and I’ve almost never seen one.

“Since this cruise is not a sex-positive event, the man would be expected to conceal it.”

But if the ‘nudist thing is not sexual in nature at all,’ another user – u/YoungandPregnant – questions, then ‘what is it for?’

Well, the nudist cruise passenger questions whether the user has ever gone ‘skinny dipping,’ noting it’s ‘great’ to be nude when doing activities such as swimming, dancing and walking solo on the beach or at least that’s the ‘main thing’ for them about the experience.

The user resolves: “If I’m candid, I don’t mind seeing naked women, so that’s nice too.

“It’s the same reason men don’t wear shirts to go swimming or on the beach. It’s great feeling. I’m sure some people have an exhibitionist thrill, but I don’t. Also, I’m not sure that a naked person among 2,000 naked people could be considered an exhibitionist.”

So, there you have it. You know all about what goes on onboard a naked cruise without having to strip off and join yourself, or, you could just give it a try yourself?