It is still a surprising fact for me that people still follow the advice of outdated tools despite the advancement of technology and how much easier our lives are because of it.

Look at this cave which was built due to the effort of a 67-year- old man and his age was not a problem for him for this kind of huge work.
In order to accomplish his task, he uses standard household items such as a cart and a shovel. It is surprising that despite the fact that this individual works extremely hard, he is paid very little. He is uneducated, and he hopes that others will value his work.

It was In 1987 when the man first began to excavate his cave. Never did he dream that this cave, whose walls are ornamented with a variety of objects, would one day be so well-known and attract so many visitors.

Because Ra Paulet’s caverns are so exquisite, it is difficult to estimate their cost.
As of now, the man has dug 14 caves and is currently working on his 15th cave, which he claims will be his best and largest work

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