The Stanley Cup company once offered a TikToker a free car after her video of her cup surviving a burning car went viral.

A Stanley Cup – yes, a cup – is being rented out for people to use for selfies and what’s more, spaces even book up to snap a picture with the cup.

But how did we get to the point people are paying for a picture with a cup?

Well, the frantic hype around the cup company can be traced back to the moment a video of one woman’s cup went viral for surviving a horrific car fire.

And it didn’t just survive, it really excelled at its whole purpose.

Last year, Danielle – who goes by @danimarielettering on the platform – shared a clip showing the aftermath of what the inside of her car looked like after it had been on fire.

In the footage, the car can be seen in tatters, completely blackened by where the flames engulfed it – making it a pretty terrifying sight to see.

It’s certainly not in useable condition anymore, but the same can’t be said for Danielle’s Stanley Cup, which despite some slight discoloration on the outer shell, came out of the blaze practically unscathed.

Picking up the tumbler, Danielle shakes it and lo and behold, but you can hear the sound of ice rattling inside.

Stanley promises that it makes ‘tough bottles’ and it’s safe to say it’s done just that and it didn’t take long for Danielle’s video to go viral, amassing over 30 million views.

Danielle's car was left badly damaged by the fire. Credits:  @danimarielettering/TikTok
Danielle’s car was left badly damaged by the fire. Credits: @danimarielettering/TikTok

She captioned the clip and tagged the brand, writing: “Thirsty after you catch on fire? @Stanley 1913 is like no problem i gotchu.”

People went wild over the post and shared their amazement.

“Stanley surviving a fire with ice in it is crazy,” said one person.

“I don’t think stanley will ever come up with a better ad than this one,” quipped another.

And a third echoed: “Stanley needs to use this for an ad because this just convinced me to order one.”

In light of the impressive and free marketing Danielle accidentally gave the brand, dozens of people also called on Stanley to buy her a new car.

Stanley’s global president Terence Reilly later responded to the comments, noting those at the brand had ‘all seen’ the video and were ‘really glad’ Danielle was ‘safe’.

Stanley's global president Terence Reilly said the brand wants to replace her car. Credits: @stanleybrand/TikTok
Stanley’s global president Terence Reilly said the brand wants to replace her car. Credits: @stanleybrand/TikTok

He continued: “I’ve seen a lot of comments that we should send you some Stanleys.

“Well, we’re gonna send you some Stanleys, but there’s one more thing and we’ve never done this before and we’ll probably never do it again, but we’d love to replace your vehicle… yeah, all of us at Stanley we’d really like to replace your vehicle.”

In light of their kind gesture, lots of TikTokers said that they’re now going to buy a Stanley cup for themselves.

After all, Danielle’s video proves you certainly get your money’s worth with the tumbler, I mean, that thing kept cool during an actual fire.