A McDonald’s employee has revealed how they make scrambled eggs at her branch of the fast food chain and people are shook.

Scrambled eggs aren’t the easiest breakfast foods to make. They may sound easy, but take them away from the heat a few seconds too soon and you’re left with a runny mess, or too late and they turn to the texture of soggy cardboard – although, it all depends how you like them.

Despite most people’s unique preferences for how they cook their eggs, many have rushed to a TikToker’s post chiming in unison after an employee revealed how she cooks up a batch at shift at McDonald’s.

TikToker Yaniii – who goes by @kallme.yaniii – took to her page in September 2022 to reveal how her branch of the fast food chain makes scrambled eggs.

In the video, she records herself squeezing some butter out of a bottle onto the grill before adding the ‘liquid egg’ from a McDonald’s branded carton.

The rectangular grill is now filled with a bright yellow liquid as if someone decided to melt the Simpson’s onto a grill and with that, Yaniii picks up a spatula and starts scrambling.

“I just learnt how to make scrambled eggs at McDonalds, so don’t pick on my scrambled eggs,” she notes.

Ever wondered how McDonald's makes its scrambled eggs? Credit: TikTok/ @kallme.yaniiii
Ever wondered how McDonald’s makes its scrambled eggs? Credit: TikTok/ @kallme.yaniiii

Pushing at the eggs using an elongated and thick fork-like instrument, the breakfast item begins to take shape, clumps of egg sticking together.

The employee then splits the rectangle of egg into four, scrambles some more and then picks each slice up using a spatula to pop into a tray.

Now, first things first, we can’t deny that scrambled eggs don’t look very appetising even at the best of times. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for people to flood to the post to weigh in on the McDonald’s method of cooking eggs.

@kallme.yaniii This is how we make #scrambledeggs at #mcdonalds #fyp #ChewTheVibes #viral #foryou ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim


“Those are scootched eggs, not scrambled,” another added.

A third commented: “I knew McDonald’s don’t season the eggs, if so, im sorru.”

“That’s not done,” a fourth wrote.

However, another noted: “My McDonald’s makes scrambled eggs a different way, never seen this way.”

And the conversation spilled over onto Facebook too, a user adding: “Posts like this really reinforce my belief that everyone, at least even for a few months, need to work in some kind of food industry. It’s crazy to me how so many people still think fast food places have the time to crack individual eggs or make soup from scratch upon ordering or whatever.”