The news of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis resonated across the world leaving many speechless and shocked. The Princess disclosed her medical condition with the public following a number of rumors and speculations about her well-being and whereabouts, saying she and William needed time to share the shocking news with the children.

Amidst the chaos, Kate received support from the members of the Firm, as well as from Meghan Markle, who was reported to have reached out to Kate following her surgery.

Now that Kate opened up about the cancer, Meghan and Harry issued a short statement which read, “We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace.”

Previously, the Sussexes didn’t speak of Kate publicly, and they didn’t comment on the fuss created by the photo Kate posted on Mother’s Day, which was later said to be manipulated.

At that point, some media outlets, including CNN, questioned the authenticity of the photographs shared by the Palace over the years.

“In editorial photography, photojournalists and editors commonly adjust a photograph’s exposure or color balance in order to more accurately reflect the scene. Most news organizations, including CNN, regard it as unacceptable to move, change or manipulate the pixels of an image. To do so would alterthe reality of the situation the image is intended to document,” CNN announced.

Some even reviewed the photographs of Harry and Meghan, claiming the photographs of the pregnancy announcement taken by Misan Harriman was also altered.

Harriman, however, shared the original colorized shot of the Sussexes, saying he expected a “full apology and retraction” from the Daily Mail and the Telegraph for their allegations.

When Harriman re-shared their photo from 2021, a source told Page Six, “This isn’t a mistake Meghan would ever make; she has a keen eye and freakish attention to detail.”

The source suggested that “if Harry and Meghan had ever encountered the same issue, they would have been annihilated” and added: “The same rules do not apply to both couples.”

However, after this was published, Harry and Meghan decide to react as quickly as possible.

“With respect to Page Six, that did not come from us,” a spokesperson from the couple’s Archewell Foundation told Newsweek.

Meghan reaching out to Kate was seen as a positive step forward for her to build bridges with her sister-in-law, as per royal exert Tom Quinn.

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