Kevin Bacon, the famous and handsome 65-year-old actor, has had quite a journey in the movie industry. He even won a Golden Globe for one of his projects on HBO. But before his television success, Bacon never watched any of his own performances.

In a recent interview, Bacon shared that he initially had reservations about working in TV. He admitted, “If my agent had called me and said, ‘I think you should do a series,’ I would have fired my agent.” However, thanks to his actress wife, Kyra Sedgwick, he changed his mind.

Bacon talked about how he enjoyed spending time with Sedgwick on the show they both starred in and attending award ceremonies together. He revealed, “You know, when I started to see her film work… and it’s like barely recognizable, and to me, that was what I had always envisioned being an actor was, to be able to put on these different hats and become different people.” Bacon found inspiration in Sedgwick’s ability to transform into various characters, just like Meryl Streep.

Let’s rewind to 1976 when Bacon moved from his hometown of Philadelphia to New York. He had visited the city before with his sister, but this time, he was making a permanent move. Initially, he stayed with his sister, but when he finally found a place of his own, he had a mere $150 to his name for the entire month.

Bacon recalled, “I don’t know where I got the math on that, but that’s…what I had decided.” He stumbled upon an ad in The Village Voice for an apartment that catered to artists, actors, and musicians. It turned out to be a flophouse, but it was all he could afford. For four years, Bacon shared a rental office with a pianist.

Despite his challenging living situation, Bacon’s acting career took off, and he changed his life for the better. In 1987, he met Kyra Sedgwick on the set of the movie “Lemon Sky.” It was love at first sight for Bacon, but Sedgwick wasn’t immediately smitten.

However, Bacon’s persistence paid off, and they eventually went on their first date. They had a wonderful time, laughing for hours over a romantic dinner. Sedgwick realized that Bacon was meant for her, and they have been each other’s biggest support and fans ever since.

Together, they raised two children, Travis and Sosie, who are now in their 30s. Bacon found immense joy in being a father and always tried to instill honesty, integrity, and care for the world and one another in his children. As Sedgwick puts it, “A sense of humor is crucial. He is very freaking funny.”

Today, Bacon enjoys his life on a farm with his family. From his humble beginnings of living on a tight budget to achieving success in Hollywood, Bacon’s journey is an inspiration to many.