I’ve seen a lot of amazing dancers and routines that have drawn praise and a lot of admiration from people all over the world. People’s memories of some of these performances are forever altered.

A dance group recently became popular online. They took part in the 2017 Crowd Pleasers Dance Competition. The Emerald Belles are a group who performed a challenging dance that got a lot of attention. You’ll realize after watching the routine that it takes much more than a novice group to pull it off.

The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” follows. The dancers hold each other’s shoulders as they form numerous rows and dance in perfect unison.

It was no surprise that the Emerald Belles were chosen to perform on America’s Got Talent because of their incredible high-kick routine, which won fans all over the world. Take a look at their most well-known performance first, though:.

These girls would succeed greatly, we knew that.

A sizable group of young women occupy the dance floor at the start of the video