Carrie Underwood went to the CMT Music Awards in an outfit that showed off her toned legs, but her chiseled body and the cut-out shorts she wore raised a lot of debates among fans. Some people were certain the singer had work done on her face.

Since winning the fourth season of “American Idol,” Carrie Underwood has become one the most celebrated country singers, with several records topping the charts.

The singer has evolved in her style and taken more risks with her performances, making her one of the most anticipated artists at music award shows.

Carrie Underwood on "American Idol" in 2005 | Source: Getty Images

Underwood attended the CMT Music Awards in 2023 and wore a sequenced silver outfit. She wore a bedazzled jacket with matching shorts to show off her toned legs.

She finished the look with silver pumps, matching diamond jewelry, and a studded clutch. However, Underwood’s coordinated outfit received many mixed reviews from her fans.

Some loved that the singer liked to show off her hard work in the gym to achieve her toned legs, while others thought her outfit was not representative of her Christian lifestyle.

Other fans also took a jab at her singing career and advised Underwood to step down from the country music scene to embrace her Christian community.

Carrie Appears at CMT Awards Showing Her Toned Legs and Gets Slammed for That and Her Clothes
Underwood posted pictures from the CMT Awards, including some from her performances. A fan who tuned into the award show said the singer should consider leaving country music and start singing Christian tunes.

Carrie Underwood in Austin, Texas. in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

The fan continued to explain how disappointing the CMT Awards were. To the commenter, the show needed to highlight more country music, and they felt that the new records being produced were far from the genre. “I suggest you step away,” reiterated the user.

Another commenter thought Underwood’s look was not a good portrayal of her Christian faith. ‘Pushing that Christian lifestyle to its limits. Modest clothing out the window for fame and fortune,” expressed a user. While some fans just did not like the outfit, “Nope. Not a good look,” said a fan.

As much as the country star is proud of her body, some thought there were better ways of showing it off. “Those legs are too much,” added a commenter.

Additionally, other fans expressed that the cutout shorts felt overdone. One user said they were tired of seeing Underwood in shorts and did not understand her performance outfit either.

The “American Idols” winner wore a leather outfit; this time, it was a fringed jacket with heart patches all over it and matching sequenced shorts.

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Under her jacket, she wore a corset embroidered with realtones, and it also had a subtle fringed element to it. The commenter also did not like Underwood’s performance. “Her voice only suits country when it’s not forced, but I am sorry she needs to stop screaming,” they said.

While most fans criticized her legs, one fan thought Underwood had plastic surgery and remarked that she was doing too much of it. “The plastics are getting a little carried away with. Stop! they reiterated.

Comments about Carrie Underwood's appearance | Source:

Some of her fans thought her body looked gorgeous but believed the country star used too much filler in her face. Many other people also said they noticed a difference in Underwodd’s face, “What did she do to her face?” asked one user. “She looks weird,” added another netizen.

According to fans, Underwood’s pictures had many irregularities, so much so that fans thought they were photoshopped from how disproportionate her body looked. “This looks weird, like her hands, legs, and face don’t match or different people photoshopped,” analyzed a fan.

Recently Carrie Caused a Big Discussion around Her Legs
Aside from her outfit, a quarrel between fans who loved and hated Underwood’s shredded legs began in her comments sections.

Fans thoughts her legs looked manly, and others said they did not understand why people praised them so much when they looked so muscular. However, the user clarified that they were not trying to be negative but were of the opinion the legs did not look good.

While other fans thought Underwood’s legs were beyond what would be described as toned, another user counter-argued that the singer needed muscular and strong legs for her performances. “How do your legs get EVEN better?!” added another netizen.

Comments about Carrie Underwood's appearance | Source:

Users believed that the more Underwood trained, the more she ruined her legs, and another netizen even confessed that they were becoming less of her fan because of how muscular she looked.

However, during an interview at the CMT Music Awards, Underwood was asked if she knew how much people raved about her legs. The singer revealed she was aware and said it was her one card to play.

Carrie Talks About Her Faith
Underwood has been married to her husband, Mike Fisher, since 2010, and the couple shares two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. In one episode of their series “Mike and Carrie: God and Country,” the two discussed prioritizing quality time with their children.

The couple also spoke about how they intend to instill lessons about their Christian faith and ways their children can build a relationship with God.

Carrie Underwood with her husband Mike Fisher and their son Isaiah in Hollywood in 2018 | Source: Getty Images

Underwood and her husband love to take advantage of the time they have as a family of four in the morning. The mother of two enjoys the morning cuddles before the chaos of getting ready starts.

Another vital part of the day they prioritize is having dinner as a family, which is usually filled with good food and worship, but usually, it is their son Isiah that leads prayer.

Fisher spoke about how he intends to pass down the value of faith to his boys. He said he does not just want to just tell them about Jesus but for them to see him live and embody the Christian faith. “That’s the goal. It can’t be just about knowing about God or Jesus; it has to be about really following,” he added.

On the other hand, Underwood said she believed her purpose and role as a mother and to those close to her is to assure them that they are unconditionally loved by her and by God.

She wants her loved ones always to know that they are wanted and appreciated despite all their flaws because people’s differences are usually used against them. “If I could just make everybody feel loved, I feel like that’s my job,” Underwood expressed.