In the world of talent competitions, there are moments that define not just a performance, but a lifetime. For ten-year-old Alexa from Brisbane, Queensland, her moment arrived on the stage of The Voice, where she captivated the audience with her rendition of “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys.

As Alexa belted out the iconic chorus, her voice filled with passion and determination, the audience erupted into cheers. “Chorus! Chorus!” they chanted, echoing the sentiment of the song. And in that moment, Alexa embodied the very essence of the lyrics – a girl on fire, ablaze with talent and potential.

The judges were equally enthralled by Alexa’s performance, showering her with praise and adoration. “Oh my god! She’s walking on fire,” exclaimed one judge, echoing the awe felt by all. “You have to do that. You have to do that,” remarked another, acknowledging Alexa’s undeniable star quality.

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, Alexa remained composed, her gratitude evident as she introduced herself to the judges. “My name’s Alexa,” she said, her voice tinged with excitement. “I’m 10 and I’m from Brisbane in Queensland.”

Yet beneath her poised exterior lay a sense of overwhelm – a realization that she was standing before the very judges she had admired from afar. “I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed,” admitted Alexa, her honesty endearing her to both the judges and the audience.

But as the conversation turned to Alexa’s passion for music and performance, her confidence shone through. “I started singing when I was about three and a half,” she revealed, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “I really want to learn the piano.”

The judges were quick to offer their support, with one even volunteering to teach Alexa the piano. “I can teach you that,” he declared, his generosity a testament to the spirit of camaraderie that permeated the competition.

As Alexa shared her dreams of pursuing dance and contemporary music, the judges encouraged her to embrace her moment in the spotlight. “This is your moment,” they affirmed, urging her to focus on her own journey and aspirations.

In a touching moment, Alexa seized the opportunity to ask a question of her idol, Delta Goodrem. “How old were you when you first started singing?” she inquired, her admiration for the accomplished musician evident in her voice.

Delta responded with warmth and encouragement, sharing her own journey of discovering her passion for music from a young age. “Those were the two things I loved,” she reflected, her words resonating with Alexa and the audience alike.

In the end, the choice was Alexa’s to make – a decision that would shape her journey on The Voice and beyond. And as she declared her allegiance to Team Delta, the judges erupted into applause, celebrating her choice with genuine enthusiasm.

For Alexa, this was more than just a moment on stage – it was the beginning of a journey filled with promise, possibility, and the unwavering support of those who believed in her. And as she embarked on this new chapter, one thing remained abundantly clear – the fire within her burned brighter than ever before.

Here is the video: