Before Elsa’s school prom arrived, her stepmother, Jane, turned into an evil woman. It was six years ago when Jane and her father got married, and Jane moved in with them, as she took her daughter, Amy.

“You and Amy are the same age,” her father said. “I think you two will get along really well.”

“I don’t think so,” Elsa said. “She’s barely said a word to me.”

“Elsa,” her father said. “Give it time.”

As her school was closer, Jane enrolled Amy at Elsa’s school, and she thought that they would be closer with each other.

As Jane tried to be a good stepmother, she would took Elsa with her and Amy to her nail appointments. But as time passed, things went south.

“Maybe Amy’s just going through something,” her father would say. “Maybe she just needs extra time with her mom.” Elsa said.

When the prom night arrived, Elsa was excited. She was dating with Mason, and it was going to be a magical night for them. As she didn’t wanted to bother her father, she started to work for her prom dress. She was babysitting in their neighborhood..

When she bought her dress after saving enough money, she tried it on the store where her father took her to. When her father saw Elsa in her dress, “Oh, Elsa,” he said. “You look beautiful, darling.”

“Are you sure you want to pay for it yourself?” Her father asked. “Because I’ll do it in a heartbeat.”

“But you can buy me a waffle,” Elsa said, as she refused.

Few hours later, as she went back to her house from her shift, she saw Jane and Amy wiping the silverware with the pieces of her dress.

As Elsa shrieked, “Honey,” Jane asked. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s my dress!”

“Oh!” Jane responded. “It was your prom dress?”

“You did this?”

“Well, yes,” Jane said. “But I thought that I was cutting up some secondhand dress. It didn’t look prom-worthy. So, I thought I’d use it to polish the silver and the windows.”

Then Elsa started to cry out loud. She heard her father’s footsteps. But Jane didn’t. “Now, now, Elsa,” she said. “You should have known better; you cannot be more beautiful than Amy. Amy is taking prom queen title. You cannot outshine her.”

“What did you just say?” Her father said, and Jane’s face turned pale.

“Did you do this, Jane?” he asked.

“I can fix it,” Jane couldn’t speak.

Then he rushed towards Jane’s bedroom, brought a dress, and destroyed it. Jane screamed.

“Dad,” Elsa tried to calm her father.

“Fix this,” her father said.

“I’m done,” he said. “You can’t keep hurting my child.”

When the prom night arrived, her father came into Elsa’s room with a box. “It’s your dress, darling,” he said. “You go and have fun tonight. Now, let’s get your hair done.”

“I’ve been blind to her treatment of you for too long, Elsa. It’s done now. The future is for you and I, and the fights we’ll have about college,” he smiled, as he explained that he will divorce Jane.

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