Carlo Acutis was only 15 years old when he died from leukemia in 2006. During his short life, however, he was devoted to his faith and has received an honor as a result.

The Pope has now recognized Carlo Acutis as the first millennial saint. This occurred after a second miracle was attributed to the young boy.

As a teenager, Carlo had been raised in Milan but he was born in London. Many people knew him as ‘God Influencer’ as a result of his using his computer skills to help spread the Catholic faith. When the first miracle was attributed to him in 2020, he was beatified.

In order to be proclaimed a saint, a person has to be canonized. This only occurs after a second miracle has been performed by the individual, and Carlow has now received that recognition.

Pope Francis spoke on Thursday, making the decision during the meeting with the head of the Vatican Saint-Making department. Now that the second miracle was attributed to Carlo, he could be considered a saint but the Vatican has not yet revealed what it will take place.

In 2020, he was recognized because a Brazilian boy was supposedly cured by him. He had a serious birth defect and he couldn’t keep his food down. When he touched Carlo’s relic and said stop vomiting, he was healed.

21-year-old Valeria Valverde, from Costa Rica was healed from a severe head injury due to a bicycle accident. It was thought that she would be able to survive but six days later, her mother went on a pilgrimage to the boy’s tomb where she prayed and left a written note behind.

That day, Valverde began to breathe on her own again. She was also able to move her arms and speak on the following day.