If there is one thing we know about mothers, it’s the fact that they will do anything for their children. Sometimes, this may even include doing something unexpected.

Demi Lucy May Engemann is the mother of a 5-year-old girl, and she wanted to have a special day with her. Her young daughter came home from school and said she wanted to have her hair dyed pink.

Rather than simply pushing aside the suggestion, the mother made a special day for the girls to go to a local salon together. Her daughter, Maude, had the time of her life while getting her hair bleached blonde with highlights.

Engemann was very proud of their special bonding time, so she posted videos on TikTok.

As expected when posting anything on social media, there were varying opinions on this special day. While some thought it was a special bonding moment, the trolls called it cringe-worthy.

Some people spoke about how their mother did something similar and it took them years to come to terms with being a brunette. Others suggested how she could dye her hair pink with non-permanent hair dye.

She then posted a second video showing Maude having her hair dyed pink at home.