A missing teenage girl, Kayla Unbehaun, who was featured on “Unsolved Mysteries,” has been found safe in North Carolina after four years. The heartwarming discovery came when a Good Samaritan recognized her during a routine shopping trip and immediately alerted the authorities. Kayla’s reappearance has brought relief to her loved ones and fans who followed her case on the popular show.

Interestingly, Kayla’s mother, Heather Unbehaun, who had custody of her when she disappeared in 2017, was taken into custody on a fugitive charge following her daughter’s safe return. The circumstances surrounding her arrest remain unclear.

Kayla’s biological father, Ryan Iskerka, expressed immense joy and gratitude upon learning about her safe return, and their family is now processing this emotional reunion in private..

The case’s media exposure on “Unsolved Mysteries” in 2022 played a significant role in her safe return, demonstrating the power of raising awareness through various platforms. Additionally, the vigilance of a caring community member who recognized Kayla during the shopping trip proves the impact a community can have in uncertain times.